Tube Cutting Machinery

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  • Brunswick, GA 912-265-7536

    For over 50 years, Haven Manufacturing Corporation has built a solid reputation as the productivity leader in the tube recutting industry. As our business continues to grow, we have kept the focus on providing new cost-effective machinery and total solutions that increase output without adding additional labor resources. You can trust Haven to provide fully integrated solutions to meet all of your needs for tube loading, precision cutting, deburring, end finishing, washing stacking needs.

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  • Sturgis, MI 269-651-9393

    We promise that all of our solutions are safe, accurate, flexible, timely and cost effective. Over the years we have reduced our manufacturing time which has resulted in savings for our customers. We are continuously researching the latest innovations in our industry. These uncompromising items are engineered with your applications in mind. Our unprecedented tube forming machinery is very affordable and long-lasting.

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  • ELKHART, IN 574-295-5041

    Tube Form Solution (TFS) was founded in the year of 2004 in the city of Elkhart, Illinois. Some of their areas of expertise include but not limited to tube tooling, form tooling, fabrication equipment, bend calculator, tube lifecycle fabrication and tube notching. The company is well known for their excellent customer service. They merged with Midwest Bender Service in 2001.

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  • Springdale, AR 479-751-2818

    All of our premier tube forming machinery comes at an affordable rate. These unprecedented items are satisfactory and designed with you in mind. These world class items are beyond compare and we have the expertise necessary to handle all of your requests. We are your one-stop-shop for all of your forming, bending and assembling needs. If you would like to learn more about our deluxe products then please visit our website.

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Tube Cutting Machinery Industry Information

Tube Cutting Machinery

An essential part of tube forming is tube cutting, which is a necessary process for providing the proper lengths of tubing to fit the needs of an application. All tubing is produced in long lengths that are cut during processing for ease of handling. This may seem to be the end of the cutting needs. In actuality, the tube cutting process becomes more complicated as tubing is shaped and fitted.

For centuries, the method for cutting tubing has always been by hand using a variety of blades. The hand method of cutting can be precise when completed by a trained professional with experience. To achieve the necessary level of proficiency requires many years of work and dedication. Tube cutting has been modernized and updated with the development of tube cutting machinery that performs precision cuts with exceptional accuracy.

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The Benefits of Tube Cutting Machinery

Precise tube cutting is an essential part of manufacturing, assembly, and construction projects. The machinery designed for the application is money saving, efficient, accurate, and time saving. Machinery for tube cutting offers all of the benefits of any type of production equipment. It removes the hassle of redoing or correcting errors and completes the cutting process rapidly, which is a necessity for modern applications.

What is Tube Cutting Machinery

When the term tube cutter is used, it refers to two forms of tube cutting processes, which are hand held and tube cutting machinery. The hand cutting method of tube cutting is normally reserved for do it yourself projects or small cutting jobs. In the case of tubes for industrial use, a more precise and technically advanced method is necessary to avoid the need for corrections or redoing a project.

There are several different types of tube cutting machinery that are differentiated by the method used to power them, their cutting method, and the tubing they can cut. Fully automated machines are programmable and designed to complete the tube cutting process swiftly and efficiently. They are designed for the completion of high volume cutting jobs requiring multiple cuts.

Types of Tube Cutting Machinery

Though tube cutting machinery is divided by the type of power they use, they are further categorized by the kinds and types of tubing they can cut. Other factors and parameters are used to determine the machine to use.

Modern tube cutting machinery uses the same types of technical advances that are available for manufacturing equipment. A widely used and ever growing type of tube cutting is performed by computer numerical control (CNC) machines, which are programmable and do not require oversight when in operation.

Manually operated tube cutting equipment is still used for jobs with less volume and shorter forms of tubing. Though the machinery is hand activated, it still performs precise and accurate cuts at a slower rate than CNC and automated equipment.