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  • The Industrial Bobby Pin

    The small cylindrical metal parts known as steel pins are used in an array of applications. Commonly used as fixtures, steel pins may be used to position, locate, align, fix or conjoin two or more components. A variety of different types of steel pins exist including hitch pins, locating & fixture pins, linch pins, spring pins, cotter pins and dowel pins. Cotter pin is actually the British term for the pin. The same pins are commonly referred to as split pins in the United States. Cotter retains a different meaning...

  • Quality Steel Pins

    Cold heading is the manufacturing process of choice for many small parts and pieces, including fasteners, pins, hooks, screws, and a variety of other objects. Cold heading is the perfect manufacturing technique for creating solid pieces from small bits of metal. Small steel pins are one type of object that are usually made through the cold heading process. Steel pins are used in a variety of ways, including as fasteners for devices, attaching components, conjoining two pieces together, aligning certain pieces, and position different products. Although there are many small...

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Steel Pins

Steel pins are small cylindrical metal parts used as fasteners in a broad range of applications. They are typically produced using the process of cold heading and may be used to align, locate, position, fix or conjoin two or more components.

Steel pins can be carbon steel or stainless steel, and are made from steel wire which is fed through a punch and die in order to form the desired shape. Cold heading, or cold forming, is a process used to create simple metal parts without using heat to alter the shape of the metal. Unlike traditional metal working processes, cold forming uses high pressure and force to change a metal blank into a desired shape or product. The force needs to exceed the elastic capabilities of the material in order to cause the deformation. Steel pins are used for many purposes, often in the tailoring, fashion, upholstery, and furniture industries and can vary greatly in terms of size and strength. Cold heading is not always practical for the manufacture of complex parts, but it is an economical solution for producing simple parts like steel pins. The process makes efficient use of the raw material as there is minimal wastage and hardly any scrap produced.

The heads on the steel pins can be adjusted to their applications and can range in size from less than an inch to a number of inches in diameter and the pin can also vary greatly in length. The body of the pin itself can be evenly cylindrical, or tapered at one end. It is important to consider these factors with regard to the intended application of the pin to ensure mechanical functionality and a sturdy enough component. Stainless steel is commonly used because of its corrosion resistance and its high levels of durability. As cold headed fasteners are often required for heavy duty applications in harsh environments, stainless steel pins are an ideal product to use. The process of cold forming changes the properties of some materials especially in terms of increasing the yield strength of a metal and creating a dense and porous free product. This is a beneficial change for pins used in industrial or construction processes which will be required to bear a joining load relative in weight to their size. There are several different types of pins, including linch pins, locating and fixture pins, hitch pins, cotter pins, spring pins and dowel pins.

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