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  • Antioch, IL

    Our engineers are experts at cold headings processes. We specialize in manufacturing products from different materials such as: aluminum, brass, silicon bronze, stainless steel and steel. Our teams are dependable and committed to complying with all of your specifications. We are excited to handle any of your tasks and there is no order too big for us. Contact our representatives to learn more information!

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  • Pleasant Prairie, WI

    Supplying rivets, contacts, discs, stampings and terminals worldwide is done here at Norstan. We use precious metals and alloys, including tungsten wire and tungsten strip. Our tungsten rivets and discs come in a choice of configurations and applications. As a job shop that has manufactured tungsten wire contact assemblies for over 37 years, electromechanical companies depend upon our product.

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  • Webster, NY

    Radax Industries was founded in 1967. Here at Radax we have the capability of Centerless Grinding, Swiss CNC Machining, Cold Forming, and Screw Machining. Our Swiss CNC Machines are capable of Custom Thread Form Threading, Boring, and Cut Knurling. Common materials processed while Centerless Grinding are aluminum, bronze, brass, and carbon steel. We manufacture Dowel Pins, Set Screw, and Custom Machined Products. We have been ISO 9001 certified since June of 2013.

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  • Melrose Park, IL

    Here at Fastron Company, we keep your needs in mind while we provide you with the most reliable solutions on the market. Our teams provide a number of products and services including: buckles, cargo restraints, plastics, stampings, snap hooks, slides, wire forms, tent hardware, hook & loop, webbing, cold heading and cutting machines. Please visit our website to learn more information about our company!

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  • Hatboro, PA

    C & L Rivet Company has been specializing in cold-heading since 1960. In 2001, C & L acquired Penn Fasteners, Inc. The combination of these companies provides enhanced versatility, knowledge, quality, competitive pricing, service and distribution of additional products unmatched in the industry, offering customers over 500 years of experience. Call C & L today!

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Cold Heading

Cold heading is the process by which the heads of small, simple parts are produced. Unlike traditional metalworking processes, cold heading does not use heat to shape metal, rather using high pressure and force with a punch and die, a metal part is formed into a desired shape.

Cold heading is used to make the heads, or fasteners, on cylindrical parts such as bolts and screws which are used in almost every industry including construction, hardware, agriculture, furniture and manufacturing. Cold headed fasteners are used to secure two components together and so are required to be strong and durable. Traditionally, cold heading could only be used to produce simple parts, but today with the addition of automotive and multi-station machinery, cold heading operations are capable of producing more complex parts as well. High pressure is applied by a cold header or cold forming machine to a metal blank, forcing it into a die. The applied pressure must be greater than the elastic limit of the material in order for it to deform and be flexible enough to change shape. Materials which are commonly used in the process of cold heading include steel and stainless steel, aluminum, brass and various alloys. Stainless steel is a popular cold forming choice due to its material properties of strength and corrosion resistance.

Products formed through the process of cold working are typically dense and retain their material strength. The surface finish of a number of products is improved during the process as it is put under great stress and forced to adapt. There are also a number of other advantages to using cold forming manufacturing processes. It is a volume-specific process that does not cut-away material in the forming process, and produces minimal scrap and waste. Other cold forming operations can be performed simultaneously such as sizing, piercing, thread rolling and blank rolling. In terms of efficient use of resources, the metal blank is used entirely in the new shape and requires minimal, if any, secondary finishing processes. As the nature of the process is fairly straightforward, it allows for great versatility in terms of shapes. Cold heading is also an efficient process, with automatic feeding options allowing for high volume output of consistent parts. Sourcing quality raw materials is essential as this will affect the quality of the finished products. Design of the fastener or component is also important, options for heads include hexagonal, round or square, radial slot, head with slits, collar or multi-diameter extrusion.

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