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    Only a few metals are even comparable in to steel in their usefulness in the industrial fields. Steel is used in a variety of instances including the machines that produce high amounts of products to a vast variety of steel products themselves. Circuit boards, medical tools, household decorations and brake rotors are specific examples across a range of industries. Stainless steel is one of the most popular forms of steel because of its corrosion resistance, enduring strength and plentiful availability. The versatility of stainless steel makes it an obvious choice...

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    I am still amazed at how much jewelry can be worth. Browsing through a Tiffany's or Rolex catalog I realize these are things I will most likely never be able to afford, or even if I could by chance, definitely cannot justify until I am much, much older. Given that the right item could have easily paid off a good chunk of my college career Are the necklaces and watches beautiful? Yes, they are gorgeous. But as a recent college graduate, definitely not in the budget. Sadly cheap knock-offs are...

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    Health concerns seem to be finding us everywhere lately. People have gotten so used to doing things that could be harmful; we now have to make an adjustment to convert to a healthy lifestyle. Some examples are people finding out just how bad McDonald's food is for you, the risks of tanning and potential problems with hormones and foods fed to the animals we eat. Many are switching to soy candles which do not give off the carcinogens that many traditional candles contain So new findings are being discovered everyday,...

  • Stainless Steel and Stainless Steel Etching

    Stainless steel is an immensely important metal that can be used in a wide range of industries. This is because of the abundance in which it can be found, its corrosion resistance, and it hygienic qualities. In addition to these advantages, the metal is also completely recyclable, allowing it to be melted down and reused time and time again. Stainless steel can be used in a variety of shapes and thicknesses, but for stainless steel etching, it is more often limited to steel plates, foils and parts. Stainless steel is...

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Stainless Steel Etching

Stainless steel etching as a manufacturing process is becoming more popular because of the corrosion resistance properties of stainless steel and its wide availability. Etching is the method of imprinting, scratching or otherwise forming grooves and fine lines on the surface of a material using machines with either CAD or CNC technology, hand-etching tools or the process of chemical and acid etching.

Etching can be used to serve many different purposes including: decorative work on jewelry, firearms and musical instruments, text and basic designs on plaques, medals and trophies, or for industrial purposes such as electric circuit boards, brake rotors and fuel cell plates. Furthermore, the medical field makes wide use of etched stainless steel, and intricate components and precision parts can be fabricated using stainless steel etching. This special alloy is not only corrosion resistant and low maintenance, but it is also fully recyclable. The designs and uses are virtually endless and the ability to etch the surface of the product according to a custom design or pattern further adds to its usefulness. Stainless steel etching may be applied to a variety of shapes and thicknesses of stainless steel plates, foils and parts.

Stainless steel etching using chemical milling or acid etching is a popular alternative to other forms of metal fabrication such as stamping, laser marking or water-jet cutting, as it uses minimal mechanical processes and it cost-effective. Parts are able to be fully processed in a shorter turnaround time than other procedures, and often do not require secondary finishing. In the chemical machining process, the surface of the metal part or sheet is covered with a masking layer – either of tape, wax resistant coating, epoxy or elastomer, or a photoresist – and using a scribe and peel method, or in the case of a photoresist, targeted UV light, the desired design or image is applied to the masking layer. The chemical or reagent is then applied to the metal part, and the exposed areas are corroded or removed. In the case of stainless steel, ferric chloride is the acid most commonly used for etching purposes. When the desired depth of etching or engraving has been achieved, the acid is stripped from the part, and the masking layer removed to reveal the etching. Milling and grinding machines are also used to achieve certain etching finishes on stainless steel, especially on stainless steel sheeting used for larger decorative purposes and a wide range of options are available with these methods.

Stainless Steel Etching
Stainless Steel Etching
Stainless Steel Etching - Tech-Etch, Inc.
Stainless Steel Etching - Tech-Etch, Inc.

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