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  • Maple Grove, MN

    Great Lakes Engineering has over 30 years of experience with precision photo etched parts, and we use that knowledge to determine exactly which chemicals and processes are appropriate for your application. Paired with quick lead times, Great Lakes Engineering is your single source for all things photo etched.

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  • South El Monte, CA

    VACCO is the industry leader of Photo Chemical Etching of metal & polyimide components and devices. We specialize in Stainless steel, Titanium, and Copper, but work with a variety of different materials. We have over 60 years of experience in Chem Etching, and we offer Micro Laser Cutting & Welding, and Diffusion & Adhesive Bonding services along with an extensive range of value-added services. Whether your application is large or small, VACCO can assist you from prototype to production.

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  • Phoenix, AZ

    At Bazzill Engraving, we do personalized, industrial, custom, metal engraving and plastic engravings. Common materials that we use are hardened metals, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, bronze and many others. For over 34 years we’ve been serving the southern Arizona valley, so contact us today for guaranteed success!

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  • Houston, TX

    When it comes to engraving services, Engrave It Houston gets it done quickly and efficiently. As the premier source for custom engraving our dedicated staff will work with you every step of the way. We use state of the art equipment for a number of services including sand blasting, screen printing, rotary engraving and chemical etching. Visit our website for more information.

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  • Elk River, MN

    Metal Craft provides CNC machining services for medical, computer and aerospace industries. We strive to exceed customer expectations of quality, service and innovation. Whether you require CNC milling, grinding, turning or many other processes, skilled professionals guide you from start to finish. We also do laser etching and passivation.

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Photo Etched Parts Industry Information

Photo Etched Parts

Photo etching is a process that uses chemicals and precise light exposure to create all kinds of metal parts. Photo etching goes by several other names, including chemical etching, chemical milling, photochemical machining, chemical machining, and chemical etching. Photo etching works by combining a process known as photolithography with basic etching. Photolithography is a process of forming patterns using photoresist covered substrates or molecules acted upon by enzymes. The photoresist is then developed when it is exposed to ultraviolet light and viewed through a photomask. The substrate is then etched, and the photoresist then acts as a barrier that only allows the chosen part of the etched material to be etched. Photo etching produces detailed metal parts.

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Advantages of Photo Etched Parts

Industries that use photo etched parts include the medical, aerospace, commercial, electronics, automotive, computer, dental, and defense industries. Photo etched parts are very difficult to reproduce. This uniqueness may be advantageous or appealing in some industries, like aerospace, electronics, or defense. Another advantage of photo etched parts is their overall reduced costs. The flexibility of photo etching allows in its design and products allows for more variety in material choice and eliminates stress on the product. Also, photo etched materials are produced at a much lower tooling cost and because photo etching is a burr-free process, no additional money needs to be spent on deburring. Photo etching, especially wet etching, offers higher imaging accuracy.

Materials for Photo Etched Parts

Photo etching’s intricate cutting and engraving metal method produce extremely thin metal, usually ranging from .002 to .2 inches in depth. A number of materials can be turned into photo etched parts, including aluminum, brass, bronze, silver, copper, nickel, steel, and iron. These parts are produced through either wet etching or dry etching. Wet etching works by dissolving a material in a chemical solution, while dry etching works by dissolving a material using ions or vapor.

Types of Photo Etched Parts

Examples of etched parts include filters and sieves, needles and blades, surfaces, and precision parts. Photo etched filters and sieves can be important both in the automobile and food industries. In the former, they can be used in fuel injection systems or as last chance filters in hydraulic systems. In the latter, sieves are used in such applications as coffee machines or for sugar production. Needles and blades are primarily used in the medical industry as complex lancets, scalpel blades, micro-saws, micro-combs, and the like. Surfaces treated with or structured with photo etched parts can serve many interesting functions. Surfaces can contribute to more rapid growth of bone cells, better adhesion, and reduced maintenance time in the mechanical engineering sector. Precision parts include grids, contacts, diffusers, coding disks, and technical springs. With all their positive attributes and flexibility, photo etched parts are the best choice for current technology.

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