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  • Melville, NY

    We provide the best products in the stainless steel industry. Our customers know they can trust us for quality, affordability, and convenience. Our multiple locations make it easy to get what you need within days! Some orders can be shipped on the same day for extremely fast delivery. Find out how we can help you by contacting us today! We’d love to help you find what you need.

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  • Chester, NY

    Cada Stainless & Alloys has the stainless steel that you need. We also specialize in the supply of stainless steel strips and coils, providing many finishing options, processing options, and other customization options. Check out our extensive offering of stainless steel products in our online catalog and connect with us for more information. Our company is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

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  • Pompton Plains, NJ

    Our company may have started small, but we quickly grew to handle the largest aluminum orders. Our metals are made from the highest quality materials, and we pledge to offer superior service to all our customers. We don’t want customers who use us one time, we want to establish lifelong relationships with customers that last generations. Contact us for more info!

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  • Lynwood, CA

    You can’t beat the EMJ Advantage for stainless steel and other metals, which comes with an "On Time, Or Free" delivery guarantee! For stainless bar, tube, plate and more, including alloy, aluminum, carbon and others, rely on this broad network of superior inventories and capabilities. See our website today to find the sales location nearest you!

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  • Concord, ON

    At CBC Specialty Metals & Processing, we pride ourselves on being a premier provider of high-quality stainless steel products and comprehensive processing solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clientele. With years of experience and expertise in the industry, we have established ourselves as a trusted name in stainless steel distribution and processing, renowned for our commitment to excellence, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

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Stainless Steel 304 Industry Information

Stainless Steel 304

Stainless steel 304, also known as 18-8 stainless steel or simply 304 stainless steel, is a popular and widely used grade of stainless steel alloy. It is part of the austenitic stainless steel family, which is known for its excellent corrosion resistance and durability.

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How Stainless Steel 304 is Made

Stainless steel 304 is primarily made through a multi-step process involving the following key steps:

Raw Materials
Stainless steel is primarily made from iron ore, chromium, nickel, and other alloying elements. Iron ore is first smelted into iron in a blast furnace, and then it is converted into steel through various processes. Chromium and nickel are crucial alloying elements that provide the corrosion resistance and other desirable properties of stainless steel.
The raw materials are melted in an electric arc furnace (EAF) or an induction furnace. The mixture of iron, chromium, nickel, and other elements is heated to extremely high temperatures, typically over 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit (1,371 degrees Celsius), to create a molten steel alloy.
Refining and Alloying
During the melting process, the composition of the alloy is carefully controlled by adding specific amounts of chromium, nickel, and other alloying elements. The exact composition varies depending on the grade of stainless steel being produced. In the case of Stainless Steel 304, it typically contains 18% chromium and 8% nickel.
Once the desired alloy composition is achieved, the molten stainless steel is poured into molds to form large semi-finished products known as "ingots" or "slabs."
Hot Rolling
The ingots or slabs are heated and then passed through a series of rolling mills at high temperatures to reduce their thickness and shape them into the desired forms, such as sheets, plates, or coils. Hot rolling improves the mechanical properties and surface finish of the stainless steel.
After hot rolling, the stainless steel is annealed, which involves heating it to a specific temperature and then slowly cooling it in controlled conditions. Annealing relieves internal stresses, improves ductility, and refines the microstructure of the steel.
Cold Rolling (Optional)
Some stainless steel products, like sheets and coils, may undergo cold rolling to further reduce thickness and improve surface finish.
The stainless steel may undergo various finishing processes, such as pickling, passivation, or polishing, to remove any surface impurities and enhance its corrosion resistance and appearance.
Cutting and Fabrication
The finished stainless steel products are cut and fabricated into various shapes and sizes according to the specific application requirements.
Quality Control
Throughout the manufacturing process, rigorous quality control measures are taken to ensure that the stainless steel meets the required standards and specifications.

Benefits of Using Stainless Steel 304

Stainless steel 304 offers a wide range of benefits due to its specific composition and properties, making it suitable for various applications. Here are some of the key benefits of using stainless steel 304:

Corrosion Resistance
Stainless steel 304 is highly resistant to corrosion, making it suitable for use in a wide range of environments, including those with exposure to moisture, chemicals, and harsh weather conditions. Its chromium content forms a protective oxide layer on the surface, preventing rust and corrosion.
Strength and Durability
Stainless steel 304 offers good strength and durability, making it suitable for applications that require robust materials. It maintains its mechanical properties at both high and low temperatures, ensuring long-term performance.
Hygienic Properties
Stainless steel 304 is non-porous and easy to clean, making it ideal for use in industries where hygiene is critical, such as the food and pharmaceutical industries. Its smooth surface inhibits the growth of bacteria and other pathogens, reducing the risk of contamination.
Aesthetic Appeal
Stainless steel 304 has a sleek and modern appearance, making it a popular choice for architectural, interior design, and decorative applications. It maintains its luster and does not tarnish or discolor over time, contributing to its aesthetic appeal.
Ease of Fabrication
This alloy is easy to work with and can be fabricated into a wide range of shapes and forms, including sheets, plates, pipes, and more. It can be welded, machined, and formed without significant difficulty, making it versatile for various manufacturing processes.

How to Find a Stainless Steel 304 Manufacturer

When purchasing stainless steel 304 from a stainless steel 304 manufacturer, it is important to compare at least 4 or 5 manufacturers using our list of stainless steel 304 manufacturers. Each stainless steel 304 manufacturer has a business profile page that highlights their areas of experience and capabilities, and has a contact form to directly communicate with the manufacturer for more information or request a quote. Review each stainless steel 304 manufacturer's website using our proprietary website previewer to get an idea of what each manufacturer specializes in, and then use our simple RFQ form to contact multiple stainless steel 304 manufacturers with the same quote.

When selecting a stainless steel 304 manufacturer, it's important to consider several key factors to ensure you choose a reliable and reputable manufacturer. Here are some factors to keep in mind:

Material Quality
Ensure the manufacturer uses high-quality stainless steel grade 304 that meets industry standards for corrosion resistance and durability.
Certifications and Standards
Verify that the manufacturer holds relevant certifications like ISO 9001 and adheres to ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards for stainless steel.
Experience and Reputation
Assess the manufacturer's experience in producing stainless steel 304 products and check their reputation through customer reviews and references.
Customization Options
Determine if the manufacturer can provide customized solutions to meet your specific size, shape, finish, and other specifications.
Quality Control
Inquire about the manufacturer's quality control processes and testing procedures to ensure product consistency and integrity.
Production Capacity
Evaluate their production capacity to ensure they can meet your quantity and lead time requirements.
Request detailed pricing information and compare it to market averages. Be cautious of significantly lower prices, which may indicate lower quality.
Customer Support
Evaluate the level of customer support and service provided, including communication, responsiveness, and after-sales support.

By thoroughly evaluating these factors, you can make an informed decision when selecting a stainless steel 304 manufacturer that aligns with your quality, cost, and service requirements.