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Leading Companies:

  • Menomonee Falls, WI 262-251-8209

    Centec USA remain dedicated to the design and manufacturing of metering pumps. We have been in business since 1976 and we are dedicated to putting all of that experience into every encounter that we are a part of in hopes of exceeding customer expectation every time! We have ISO 9001 certified production plants around the world to ensure consistent quality. Contact Centec USA to learn more!

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  • Pottstown, PA 610-489-0900

    Liquid Measurement & Controls can provide you with amazing pumps, meters, level controls and other flow control products. Positive displacement pumps, metering pumps, transport pumps and stationary or mobile pumps are just some of the products we have available to our customers. Call today!

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  • Rochester, NY 585-292-8000

    Pulsafeeder is a leading metering pump manufacturer —hydraulically actuated diaphragm, mechanically actuated diaphragm and solenoid diaphragm pumps. We serve industries such as chemical processing, pharmaceutical and food processing. We are a unit of IDEX Corporation. How may we help you?

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  • Huntsville, AL 800-253-2583

    Since 1886, John Blue has been a trusted pump company for agriculture and industrial applications. With over 136 years of experience, John Blue has gained a reputation as a quality manufacturer of piston metering pumps, 12-volt pumps and chemical injection pumps. We provide dependability and versatility, while serving various industries. John Blue pumps are “Guaranteed To Do The Job”.

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Small Metering Pump Industry Information

Small Metering Pump

Small metering pumps are miniaturized positive displacement units designed to move or transfer exact amounts of fluid with extremely accurate flow rates. While ‘small’ is a relative term, it can describe the physical size of metering equipment, which may weigh as little as 39 grams or a low flow rate. As with all metering pumps, flow rates can be highly variable, especially depending on the specific applications.

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Applications of Small Metering Pumps

Small liquid pumps such as these may be used to transport a wide variety of fluids when compatible apparatus is used. Coolants, blood, oil, corrosive agents, fuel, chemicals, acids, medicine, water, adhesives and liquid metals are just a few of the materials handled by metering pumps in the daily operations of several industrial and commercial facilities. These pumps can cyclically introduce a consistent amount of fluid into a continuous-flow stream, ensuring homogeneity. With reliable and reproducible pumping actions, small metering pumps can exhibit a coefficient of variation as low as 0.1%, allowing their use even as the internal force behind artificial hearts. While medical applications abound, small metering pumps are found throughout the chemical, biomedical, pharmaceutical, electronic, mechanical, fluid engineering, food and beverage processing, lubrication, automotive, laboratory, analytical, and agricultural industries.

Types of Metering Pumps

All metering pumps, large or small, can be divided into two main categories based upon the means of metering or precision measuring the fluid that is expelled over a given period of time. Either the stroke's length may be changed to pull in and push out a given amount of fluid, or the frequency of the cycle is altered. Those pumps with variable stroke are known as variable displacement constant speed pumps, while those that manipulate cycle speed are called fixed displacement variable speed pumps. As the latter type is more compact-able, it is more popular in small metering pumps. Specific types of pumps beyond this main grouping include diaphragm metering pumps, peristaltic pumps, piston metering pumps, chemical metering pumps, and bellows pumps. Each offers a unique method for effectively achieving continuous precision fluid transfer.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Small Metering Pumps

It is important to take into account several factors in pump selection. First and foremost, the materials used in pump construction must be compatible with the chemical compounds flowing through them. Common materials include ceramics, aluminum, stainless steel, and durable plastics. Additional considerations for small metering pumps of any design or configuration include minimum and maximum flow rates, maximum operating pressure and temperature, accuracy, efficiency, power source, voltage, and physical dimensions such as height, length and width, and overall weight.