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  • Woodstock, IL 815-356-9600

    We are a full-service manufacturer of high-quality electrical switches including rotary switches, pushbutton switches, rocker switches, toggle switches and snap action switches plus related components. Numerous markets—automotive, appliance, marine, industrial, medical—use our products.

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  • Des Plaines, IL 800-544-3354

    Have a switch-related problem? Let ITW Switches provide you with the solution via our extensive line of slide switches, sealed switches, pushbutton switches, rocker switches, vandal-resistant and snap-action switches. If a standard switch won't work, we'll custom make one. In business since 1954.

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  • Eden Prairie, MN 800-806-6113

    The electric switches that we offer here at ALUDEC USA cannot be topped by the competition. We breathe and live precision and that means our products are at the top of the line at all times. It is our goal that each and every customer has their expectations exceeded so that we keep you coming back to us for all of your electric switch needs. Contact us via telephone or email or visit our website today to learn more about how we may be able to assist you!

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  • Raleigh, NC 919-833-0707

    Electroswitch Electronic Products is a superior designer and manufacturer of a range of electric switches, such as rotary switches (open frame, enclosed frame, specialty, military) and miniature switches (pushbutton, toggle, rocker and paddle). We also offer OakGrigsby optical and mechanical encoders.

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Single Pole Switch Industry Information

Single Pole Switches

A single pole switch (SP) is a simple electric switch that is either connected or disconnected to a circuit. Single pole switches are general purpose switches that are used in many situations because they are either on or off, a useful and helpful characteristic.

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Applications of Single Pole Switches

Single pole switches are very common and used in virtually every building with electricity, as light switches are SP. The large category of power switches or buttons are single pole, single throw (SPST), but other simple function devices use these switches as well, such as doorbells.

Characteristics of Single Pole Switches

Single pole switches can be either single throw or double throw (SPDT), which refers to the number of conducting positions (i.e., the number of terminals that will complete the circuit). SP switches consist of two brass terminals, connecting wires, the actuator or toggle switch, and an enclosure that is most frequently plastic.

One characteristic of SPST is that they have "On" and "Off" markings on them because those are the only two options. SPDT switches are slightly different because they are changeover switches that toggle between two circuit options. The maximum voltage and current of switches is a necessary specification to keep in mind in addition to knowing the difference between AC and DC currents and what the situation requires.

How Single Pole Switches Work

Single pole switches have few parts because of the basic function they provide. As the switch is flipped (or pushed, in the case of push button SPST switches), a strip of conducting material is brought into contact with both terminals, closing the circuit and allowing electricity to flow through the actuator. The operator is protected from the current because the components are safely contained inside the enclosure. When the switch is toggled back, the conductor breaks contact with both terminals and the circuit is open.

SPDT switches are similar in operation. One actuator is flipped from one circuit line to another. There are two terminals that the switch toggles between, removing the "Off" setting. SPDT switches are used to change circuits from a higher voltage current to lower current (e.g., if the lights need to remain on but at a lower intensity). SPST and SPDT can be used in combination to create more options. When two SPST switches are used in combination, they essentially form a double pole, single throw switch. Though other switches can do the same thing in one enclosure, single pole switches are very common, comparatively inexpensive, and easy to install. Some switches may be illuminated through use of a small bulb inside the plastic shell that covers the actuator. Timers, faceplates, and additional enclosures are also available.