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  • Guthrie, OK 888-811-9876

    Our hydraulic lifts are manufactured using a combination of innovation, state of the art technology, the latest engineering designs, and the highest quality products. We take the time to ensure all our lifting products will perform the right way every time. We work hard to please our customers, and we welcome the chance to make you happy today!

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  • St. Charles, IL 800-843-3625

    Advance Lifts leads U.S lift and lift component manufacturing. You’ve come to the right place for scissor lift tables. We make several series and styles of scissor lift tables, from multiple stage lifts to foot pump tables. Styles of loading and unloading we offer include edge loading and side loading, with rolling axle, sliding and stacked loads. Our list of specialty features, such as finishes, environments, controls and portability options, goes on and on. Call us now to get started.

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  • Ontario, CA 800-358-8833

    At Bishamon, we’re motivated by our customers and inspired by your success. To make your application easier, safer and more efficient, we manufacture several series of scissor lift tables. These series offer a wide variety of load capacity, power methods, portability and lift capacities. We offer all these options because we know that our customers come from diverse industries with ranging requirements. We’re dedicated to you! Call us today to see how Bishamon can help you succeed.

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  • Eau Claire, WI 800-657-6956

    LPI Lift Systems can provide you with solutions to a safer and more productive working environment. LPI customers count on us, repeatedly, to provide the right solution to their access challenges with standard and custom-designed lifts and platform systems. Our experienced team understands the rigors of industrial processes and is ready for you to challenge us with your application!

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  • Milwaukee, WI 414-352-9000

    We have a wide line of vertical lifts, but customize each product for our customers’ specific applications. Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors--VRCs are for material handling only and can not be used to transport people.

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  • Hatfield, PA 800-314-3332

    Isotech is a distributor of hydraulic lifts and telescopic lifting columns for medical, radiological, and industrial applications. Our columns provide a stable, reliable, and maintenance free guiding system without any play. We can customize the load, speed, and travel to meet your individual application requirements.

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  • Newark, NJ 800-633-8234

    Metro Hydraulic has everything you need in one place. We’ve been manufacturing and distributing partnered hydraulic products since 1941. We offer and customize scissor lift tables from Autoquip, ECOA, Lift Products, Inc., Presto Lifts and Vestil Manufacturing. Along with the power of choice that comes with this large inventory, we also offer you a knowledgeable sales force, a fully equipped repair shop and testing facility and rebuilding, repairs and fabrication support. Call Metro today!

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Scissor Lift Tables Industry Information

Scissor Lift Tables

A scissor lift table is a machine characterized by the scissor-shaped arms beneath it that expand and contract when the table is raised or lowered.

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Lifting Functions of Scissor Lift Tables

The machine uses a motor that exerts hydraulic pressure to raise and lower the unit’s moving scissor arms. The hydraulic pressure moves a piston on a long cylinder beneath the table, causing the table to go up or down as the pressure is increased or decreased using electronic controls.

Table Lifting Height
A scissor lift table can be made to extend anywhere from just a few inches to many feet. Sometimes the lift mechanism of a basic table is not motorized at all, and hydraulic pressure is applied by pumping a foot pedal. This reduces the overall weight of the scissor lift table, but it also limits the lifting power of the unit.

Scissor Lift Tables in Industries

Scissor lift tables are used in many industries to:

  • Change the Elevation of Machinery
  • Provide Space for Packaging Products
  • Installing Heavy Parts, e.g. Transmissions, in Industrial Machinery
Ergonomic Factor of Scissor Lift Tables
Scissor lift tables are a valuable tool in an industry where heavy objects need to be lifted and moved. Sometimes human force can accomplish the same task, but if it were to be done repeatedly the weight would quickly cause injury and wear out most workers. Rather than create unnecessary work and injury, a scissor lift table makes lifting easy and efficient.
Caster Wheels on Scissor Lift Tables
Many scissor lift tables are fitted with caster wheels on the bottom of the sturdy metal frame to allow for easy movement across flat surfaces. This means that a table can be moved around in industrial settings to meet the needs of a particular project. A scissor lift table uses the same technology that a mobile scissor lift on a construction site uses.

Weight Capacities of Scissor Lift Tables

The weight capacities of scissor lift tables vary based on design. A basic scissor lift table usually has a weight capacity of only 500lbs (227 kg). On the other end of the scale, a heavy duty scissor lift table is built with the ability to lift thousands of pounds. There is a big cost difference between these two capacities, but most manufacturers also offer a range of products that are somewhere in the middle.

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