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  • Four (4) Choices for Mezzanine Access: A White Paper by Advance Lifts

    Once the decision has been made to expand usable floor space by installing a mezzanine, the next decision is how to access that floor space in an efficient, economical and safe manner. Four (4) alternatives that should be considered are as follows:   1. Rider Scissors Lifts: a) Advantages: This solution allows material handling personnel to ride with materials between the various levels. As long as the lift is constructed to comply with ANSI: MH29.1:2012, it will comply with the 2015 International Building Code, it is exempt from local elevator...

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Scissor Lift Tables

A scissor lift table is characterized by the scissor shaped arms beneath it that expand and contract when the table is raised or lowered. The machine uses a motor that exerts hydraulic pressure to raise and lower the unit’s moving scissor arms. The hydraulic pressure moves a piston on a long cylinder beneath the table, causing the table to go up or down as the pressure is increased or decreased using electronic controls. A scissor lift table can be made to extend anywhere from just a few inches to many feet. Sometimes the lift mechanism of a basic table is not motorized at all, and hydraulic pressure is applied by pumping a foot pedal. This reduces the overall weight of the scissor lift table, but it also limits the lifting power of the unit.

Scissor lift tables are a valuable tool in an industry where heavy objects need to be lifted and moved. Sometimes human force can accomplish the same task, but if it were to be done repeatedly the weight would quickly cause injury and wear out most workers. Rather than create unnecessary work and injury, a scissor lift table makes lifting easy and efficient. Many scissor lift tables are fitted with caster wheels on the bottom of the sturdy metal frame to allow for easy movement across flat surfaces. This means that a table can be moved around in industrial settings to meet the needs of a particular project. A scissor lift table uses the same technology that a mobile scissor lift on a construction site uses.

The weight capacities of scissor lift tables vary based on design. A basic scissor lift table usually has a weight capacity of only 500lbs. On the other end of the scale, a heavy duty scissor lift table is built with the ability to lift thousands of pounds. There is a big cost difference between these two capacities, but most manufacturers also offer a range of products that are somewhere in the middle. Scissor lift tables are used in many industries to change the elevation of machinery, provide a space for packaging products, or installing heavy parts like a transmission in industrial machinery.

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