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  • The Ins and Outs of the Rubber Hose

    There's no end to the benefits rubber hoses offer us both in our homes, at our places of employment especially if you're in the manufacturing industry and, of course, in our automobiles. In regards to the latter, an automotive hose is the channel that is used to transport automotive fluids and gases throughout our vehicles. These fluids include coolants, oxygen and fuel each of which uses its own separate rubber hose, for obvious reasons. An example of a domestic context can be as simple as the garden hoses we use...

  • Maintaining Rubber Hose

    Rubber hoses are an essential part of many appliances and industrial machines. Without these hoses, many machines would be unable to perform their necessary functions, such as transferring water and other liquids from one place to another and keeping machine parts lubricated during use. Rubber hoses are not a glamorous part of a machine, but if the rubber hose fails, the entire machine can shut down and will create a hugemess. One of the best ways to avoid these problems is to ensure effective hose maintenance in your factory. Maintaining...

  • The Top 10 Rubber Tubing Buying Errors . . . and Their Solutions

    from NewAge Industries, Inc., the Fluid Transfer Specialists Have you ever ordered hundreds of feet of rubber tubing or hose and then discovered it wasn't right for your application? Did you experience downtime while you waited for a replacement? Additional costs? The boss's anger? A headache? The buying errors and their solution listed below were developed to help avoid this situation. It points out details that are often overlooked and may pertain to your particular application. 1. Failing to check for approved ingredients. Must the tubing you're going to use...

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Rubber Hose

Rubber hoses are hollow channels used for the transmission of gases and liquids; they can be made of natural or synthetic rubber material. They are generally larger and thicker than rubber tubes and are used in more demanding applications. Rubber hoses are important industrial utilities; they are used for the transmission of hydraulic fluids, fuel and other important ingredients in industrial processes and equipment.

Among other applications, rubber hoses are used as fire control equipment in large industrial complexes. Industrial rubber hose tends to be highly durable, reinforced and abrasion resistant. Rubber hose manufacturers make hoses that can withstand extreme temperatures and high pressures. In addition to the long list of industrial rubber hose utilities, rubber hoses are also valued in consumer products contexts, particularly in their capacity as lawn and garden watering tools. Rubber hose can be used as a connector between two enclosed spaces or for suctioning, venting or spraying gas or liquid into a certain area. Some offerings from rubber hose manufacturers include truck or aircraft fueling hose, vapor recovery hose, aggressive chemical transfer hose, chemical food quality hose, oilfield vacuum hose, concrete placement/pump/plaster hose, heavy duty dock hose, dredging hose, fire engine suction and discharge hose, crush and kink resistant food/beverage suction hose, marine exhaust/fuel hose, military spec hose and many other examples. Often these types of rubber hoses are storage in hose reel housings for easy use.

Rubber hose can be fashioned from a wide variety of raw materials. These include white FEP, nitrile, SBR, chlorobutyl, modified cross-linked polyethylene, multiple layers of polypropylene, PVC coated polyester, EPDM, Viton®, natural latex and many other materials. Rubber hose can be made in several ways, and rubber extruding is among the more prominent of these methods. Rubber extrusion involves the use of an extrusion die to create a usable rubber product. The process begins with a collection of raw rubber materials in a hopper suspended above a conveyance channel. When the rubber is released into the channel, it is forced down the channel by a long, turning shearing screw. As the screw turns, it generates friction and pressure that cause the rubber to become molten. Once molten, the rubber is ready to be forced through the extrusion die. An extrusion die is a specially shaped hole cut in a metal plate that gives shape to materials that are forced through. When the raw material emerges on the other end of the extrusion die, it is newly extruded rubber hose. The hose is then cut to the appropriate length and either prepared for shipment or sent for additional processing if necessary.

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