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Founded in 1992, originally called Printec USA Inc., GOT Interface is a leading manufacturer of membrane switches and name plates, using the latest technology to meet their customers’ demanding requirements. With locations on both the West and East Coast of the United States and Global Headquarters in New Taipei City, Taiwan, GOT Interface employs over 800 workers in total and is able to supply products to clients around the world with the highest level of customer service. The 135,000 sq. ft. factory houses both a full-scale design center and a test lab, which ensures quality throughout the production cycle.

GOT Interface takes great pride in employing cutting edge technology, such as their HP S2000 digital printer. This equipment allows for membrane printing with no overlay or decal silk-screens. Multiple colors are completed in one pass for more economical print cost. Other high-quality printing equipment used by GOT Interface includes UV dryers, large capacity IR ovens and class 10,000, 55% RH clean rooms. In addition to steel rule die based tooling, GOT Interface can also adhere to very tight tolerances by utilizing high speed optical punching machinery.

Other state of the art design tools that are utilized include Solid Works, AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator and PCB Gerber file packages.Focused on complete customer satisfaction, GOT Interface offers technical and electrical engineering support with engineers that are closely involved with clients throughout the entire process, from concept to production. As a member of the ASTM Subcommittee on Membrane Switches, GOT Interface is heavily involved in Manufacturing support as well as Research and Development for Membrane Switches. Their expertise and understanding of both domestic and international standards allows GOT Interface’s team of designers and engineers to answer any questions their customers may have along the way. It is this dedication and commitment that allows GOT Interface to be a world wide lead


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