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AFC-Holcroft Industrial Furnace Solutions is an industrial furnace manufacturer that spans across the globe. We manufacture batch, pusher, rotary hearth, roller hearth, walking beam, non-ferrous, pit, and CAAB furnaces. AFC's Batch furnaces are used for carburizing, neutral hardening, normalizing, annealing, and stress relieving. Some of the features of their various furnaces are top mounted jib cranes, scissors lift, stationary, load table, top cool chamber, temper furnaces, and fully automated systems. Batch furnaces are used to fabricate drive, axle, transmission components, shafts, bearing components, castings, forgings, and precision machined parts.

AFC-Holcroft Industrial Furnace Solutions manufactures Pusher Furnaces. Pusher Furnaces are used in the annealing, stress relieving, solution treating, and aging processes. Pusher Furnaces are used to manufacture transmission components, drivetrain components, forgings, and engine components. Pusher Furnaces have some unique features that include, but are not limited to: press quenching, pre-oxidizer, high pressures gas quenching available, single or multi-chamber design, internal or external recuperators, and silicon carbide segmented skid rails.

Our after purchase program includes services such as: moving equipment from old location to a new one (includes international moving), maintenance of equipment and recommendations of cost effective updates, personalized care of down equipment, and Engineered Optimization Program. Our Engineered Optimization Program offers: upgrades for potentially outdated or old components, training of the operators, evaluating equipment and upgrade recommendations, identifying potential problems to prevent downtime, and reviewing past failures to prevent any future problems. AFC-Holcroft offers a Remote Diagnostics™ Service that allows AFC to gather data from the machine to determine what has caused the downtime, and to prevent future downtime.


Mincon Group to Install AFC-Holcroft Batch Furnace Lines on Two Continents

The batch furnaces will be utilized for the heat treatment of components such as those used in heavy-duty applications like drilling and mining...

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Commercial Heat Treater Thermetco Expands Capacity with AFC-Holcroft Furnace Equipment

Thermetco will use the equipment for general heat treating and metallurgical processes such as carburizing, annealing, and tempering...

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