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  • Keeping Cool with Chiller Fans

    Portable chillers are an excellent way to stay cool even on the hottest of days. Portable chillers are ideal for using at outdoor summer events, in warehouses to keep employees cool during hot weather, and for keeping factory workers cool throughout the day. In fact, any job that works in the heat can benefit from the use of portable chilling machines. Portable chilling machines come in a variety of sizes and with a variety of options to suit any needs. If you are considering the purchase or rental of a...

  • The Convenience of Portable Chillers

    I enjoy the portability of many items such as a DVD player for long car rides, my mp3 player for the commute to work, my smart phone with information instantly at my fingertips and the garage door opener so I don't have to get out of my car and manually open and close the garage door. These items are convenient and make daily life easier. The portability of items can bring tremendous change to industry and different applications. For example, portable chillers make life easier for those in the medical,...

  • Industrial Uses for Portable Chillers

    A portable chiller is just like a non-portable chiller, except that the unit is not dependent on external sources for liquid or cooling. All cooling units and pieces are self-contained in the unit. All the portable chiller needs to start cooling is an electrical plug to jump start the cooling process. Industrial chillers manufacturers make a variety of portable chillers for different industrial uses, such as: Plastic manufacturing: Portable coolers are ideal for use in the plastics manufacturing industry. A portable chiller is perfect for cooling hot plastic pieces after...

  • Mokon's Line of Iceman Portable Chillers Just Got Bigger

    Now offered up to 40 tons! BUFFALO, N.Y. (May 3, 2010) Mokon's line of Iceman Portable Chillers has been expanded with a new unit that offers from ton up to 40 tons of cooling capacity in both air-cooled and water-cooled designs. These new chillers meet process cooling requirements to 5?F (-15?C). The addition of the 40-Ton portable chiller to Mokon's Iceman line is in response to feedback received from customers. The main feature of the new 40-Ton portable chiller is its tandem compressor arrangement that provides a flexible and energy...

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Portable Chillers

Portable chillers are relatively small, movable, single pump machines that remove heat from a liquid through a cycle of compression, condensation, and evaporation. The chilled liquid is usually then piped as a coolant to a heat exchanger in order to cool a piece of equipment, a manufacturing process, or a stream of air. These self-contained chillers are useful in small and/or dedicated applications and have the ability to cool one or two machines at a time.

Portable liquid chillers, like all liquid chillers, cool liquids like water, oil, brine, alcohol, acid, gasoline and special coolant chemicals for industrial applications. Portable chillers tend to be smaller and more lightweight than traditional industrial chillers, and are often mounted on casters, allowing for easier mobility and transport. A typical cooling capacity range for them would be between 1/3 ton and 60 tons. The variety of applications for portable chillers includes cooling for lasers, MRI and PET scan machines, water jet pumps and tanks, plastic molding machines, bread processing and other processes in the machine tool, fabrication, medical, food, chemical, heat treat, filtration, welding, plastics, power generation and dry cleaning industries.  

Portable chillers use vapor-compression refrigeration to provide their cooling effect. This involves piping a refrigerant through four major phases.  First the refrigerant vapor is compressed using a gas compressor. Most portable chillers use a scroll-type compressor, because they having fewer moving parts and therefore tend to be more compact, cause less noise and vibration, and run more smoothly and reliably at low volumes than reciprocating compressors. Second, the hot, compressed refrigerant vapor enters a condenser, where it is cooled and condenses into a liquid. Portable chillers tend to employ either air- or water-cooled condensers, since they are more practical for a wider range of situations than evaporation-cooled condensers. Air-cooled condensers cool by circulating air around tubes containing the refrigerant, contributing to its condensation. These condensers are used in instances where water is unnecessary or unavailable. Water-cooled condensers circulate water around the tubes to cool and condense the refrigerant. Water-cooled condensers are more effective at cooling but are more complicated because they require a water source and an outlet for the heated water. Third, after the refrigerant has been condensed it goes through an expansion valve that reduces the pressure quickly and causes flash evaporation to occur, cooling the liquid significantly. Lastly, the refrigerant continues to evaporate as it moves through the evaporator and absorbs heat from whatever process it is cooling, until it is entirely vapor and again enters into the compressor to be recycled.  

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