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Leading Companies:

  • Lancaster, PA 800-700-4377

    Among our design/build expertise is industrial paint finishing equipment. HERR Industrial, a national leader, has been solving tough finishing problems for more than 30 years with our innovative, reliable, affordable paint finishing systems. Turnkey services for powder, electrocoat & liquid spray/dip processes on metal, wood & plastic. HERR equals reliability, affordability & value, worldwide.

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  • Sturgeon Bay, WI 920-743-6568

    Therma-Tron-X offers world-class technology in the most reliable, efficient industrial paint finishing systems. Our TTX monorail paint systems, SlideRail Square Transferâ„¢, barrel systems and combination lines make priming, pretreating, electrocoating, powder or liquid coating and curing go smoothly.

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  • Weiser, ID 800-331-7744

    AFC FINISHING SYSTEMS has been manufacturing quality spray booths, paint booths, powder coating oven and powder coating finishing equipment since 1967. With nearly 40 years of experience, you can depend on AFC to provide durable, reliable equipment at competitive prices; built to meet the specific needs of your business.

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Paint Booth Industry Information

Paint Booths

A paint booth is a structure designed to keep contaminants out of the painting area while containing paint fumes and overspray. Paint booths are often used along with paint sprayers because paint sprayers are more powerful and have more dangerous fumes than other methods of painting.

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Applications of Paint Booths

Paint booths provide a contaminant-free environment in which to paint. Dust and other contaminants cause bumps in the coating and can mar an otherwise sleek, smooth surface. Many paint booths are rectangular and have doors that can be shut to close off the booth. Stainless steel is the most common material for such booths, though other sheet metals may also be used. These large industrial enclosures are used for automobiles, furniture, trucks, wood finishing, industrial equipment, and other items that may require substantial spray painting.

Paint Booth Design and Customization

A paint booth itself is a simple structure. Most are designed to be closed and have a pressurized air system that ensures the air is forced out of the paint booth and into the ventilation shaft through the use of fans and compression. Too much or too little air pressure will result in poor circulation and the benefits of a paint booth will be eliminated. Air makeup units replace the air being removed from the booth and keep the pressure at a steady level. Paint booths have preinstalled compression hoses, though others require the operator to use a separate compressor unit. Paint tanks provide a steady supply of paint and join with the air or compression hose in the spray gun.

Some paint booths also contain heating units that bake the paint to quickly cure it before it leaves the clean environment of the booth. Other components include control panels, exhaust duct kits, and filters.

Paint Booth Safety Considerations

Because of health concerns, paint systems and sprayers must meet specific standards put in place by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Equipment and operations used in residential, commercial, and industrial applications must be approved before being sold or used. The use of face and eye protection along with a breathing apparatus (such as a respirator) is highly recommended and required in most professional cases.