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  • Long Beach, CA 800-433-5554

    As an ISO certified source for industrial hardware, Sierra Pacific Engineering & Products is a company you can trust in for excellent locks. Quality, service & value are the core to being a top OEM supplier and SPEP offers a wide range of additional products including quarter turn, compression & recessed latches, as well as a complete line of industrial hinges. Please call SPEP today!

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  • Chicago, IL 800-305-4393

    B. E. Atlas Company started in 1963 from its long-established roots in the hardware industry. Offering all different kinds of locks and keys, B. E. Atlas is your one-stop shop for your lock needs. With surface mount locks, deadbolts, knob and lever locksets, cylinder and specialty locks, padlocks, we have you covered, no matter what you need.

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  • Gainesville, GA 866-988-5625

    At Ranger Lock, we’ve been committed to creating more secure locks and lock guards since we opened the doors to our company all the way back in 2002. One of our most popular products, the ATF-Compliant Lock Box, is consistently a best-seller from the Ranger Lock online store due to its rugged construction and durability. When you need a fully ATF-compliant lock guard, you need the Ranger Lock ATF-Compliant Lock Box.

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  • Hackensack, NJ 973-778-3320

    Mul-T Lock is known as a worldwide leader in the lock manufacturing industry. We pride ourselves on being leading innovators of lock manufacturing with our state-of-the-art technologies and customized equipment. We are ISO 9001 2000 and ISO 14001 certified.

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OEM Locks Industry Information

OEM Locks

OEM locks are locks intended for use by Original Equipment Manufacturers, commonly referred to as OEMs. Several varieties of locks, including cam locks, vending locks, padlocks, parking meter locks, cabinet locks, switch locks, electronic locks, and more can be used as OEM locks.

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Applications of OEM Locks

Usually, a unique key unlocks OEM locks, although other locking/unlocking options are also commonly used. OEM locks can be used within offices, at stores, or in other public locations where maximum protection is desired. They are often utilized for displays or showcases of valuable items.

Common retail applications for OEM locks include:

  • Jewelry Cases
  • Cosmetic Cases
  • Cigarette Cases
  • Camera Cases
  • Watch Cabinets
  • Trophy Cases
  • Drug Cabinets
  • Fine China Cabinets
  • Filing Cabinets
  • Other enclosures holding and/or displaying expensive commodities, such as electrical appliances and audio-visual equipment.

OEM locks also can be used for personal items, such as luggage, motorcycles, and firearm enclosures.

OEM Lock Design and Customization

OEM lock manufacturers offer flexibility in design so that the appropriate lock is provided for each application and can meet specific requirements. Zinc plated steel, brass, die-cast alloy, plastic, and polyamide are all available OEM lock materials, depending on specific requirements.

Benefits of Using OEM Locks

The intent of an Original Equipment Manufacturer is to manufacture parts and products for other companies, who can then market such products under their own brand name. Through growth in facility size and production input, in addition to contractual bulk purchasing, an OEM can significantly bring down the cost of production, thus saving money for the purchasing companies. Another obvious perk of an OEM is a company’s ability to obtain needed parts without having to actually own and operate a whole factory, as well as the reliability and security OEMs offer. This is especially important for locks. Millions of key combinations are possible for each OEM lock, ensuring that important and valuable items stay safe from theft or damage.

Types of OEM Locks

There are many types of custom and standard OEM locks, including:

  • Case Locks
  • Console Locks
  • Push-Button Locks
  • Pin-Tumbler Locks
  • Octagon Locks
  • Quarter Turn Locks
  • Tubular Locks
  • Plug Locks
  • Portfolio Locks
  • Cylinder Locks
  • Knob Locks
  • T-Bolt Locks
  • Spring Bolt Locks
  • Furniture Locks
  • Stud Locks
  • Combination and Cam Locks
  • Miniature and High Security Locks
  • Weather-Resistant Locks

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