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  • Long Island City, NY

    At Metalmen, they are able to combine any metalworking process, including rolling, slitting, tempering, shearing and heat treating, to meet your specifications. Their diverse inventory allows them to supply you with nickel sheet and other products you require. For high quality and service you can trust, they have the answer. Please call today for critical support to your engineering needs!

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  • Pompton Plains, NJ

    Metal Associates is always stressing high quality standards and maximum customer satisfaction. They are able to provide small, R&D, prototype and production quantities with a minimum amount of lead time. Where possible, there are no minimum order requirements and no order is too small. Call or visit the website today for all of your nickel sheet and other needs.

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  • Kokomo, IN

    Cobalt and nickel alloys are manufactured here. Through our many service centers, we can supply you with nickel plate, nickel bar, forging stock, fittings, flanges, tubing and wire. When your application is in a severely corrosive or high-temperature atmosphere, we are the nickel supplier for you.

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  • Elgin, IL

    Working with nickel alloys, we can fulfill small-quantity orders for wire, strip and nickel bar. Nickel alloys for strip: 200, 201; Hasteloy B-2, C-4, C-22, C-276, G-30, X; and Monel 400. Nickel alloys for wire: Ni Span C; Hasteloy B2, B3, C4, C22, C276, C2000, G30, S, X; Monel 400, K500. Contact us.

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  • Fairfield, NJ

    Our nickel sheet comes with superior quality and our engineers have the talent to form our products to your requirements. We are your worry-free supplier of nickel items. Our engineers can design our nickel sheet to handle various tolerances which is ideal for different applications. Our website has full read-outs of our capabilities and we are eager to forge a lasting relationship with your business.

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Nickel? Nickel Who?

by Michael Shade, IQS Editor Nickel is no ytterbium. It has neither the nebulosity of meitnerium nor the mystery of ununhexium. Even other comparatively boring elements like titanium are more exciting than nickel. While titanium can be found grazing the cheeks of famous athletes in razor blade commercials, nickel coins can be found clanking around in dryers all over America along with some desiccated lint and maybe a few bobby pins. The staggeringly uninteresting aluminum is also more captivating than nickel. For example, in the 19th century, at the height... Read More

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Nickel Sheet

Nickel sheet is a flat, often thin sheet constructed of the metal nickel or nickel alloys. Nickel sheets are among the number of items that can be formed from nickel. Besides being able to withstand extreme temperatures, nickel alloys can be welded, machined and hot and cold worked.

Nickel sheets are thin, flat stock metal shapes that exhibit uniform thickness and are formed from billets or ingots of pure nickel or any of a number of nickel alloys. In general, these forms are thicker than foil, but thinner than nickel plates. Thicknesses between 0.006inches and 0.250inches most commonly constitute a sheet, though the individual standards of nickel suppliers may vary. The nickel sheets available from suppliers are rarely the finished products, though they and the products made from them are extremely versatile and widely employed across the industrial sector. Minting, power generation, chemical processing, building and construction, marine, material handling, electronics, aerospace, medical and numerous other industries find many applications for metal sheets in stock and finished form. Sheets are ideal stock forms as they are available in standardized measurements, allowing manufacturers to plan for efficient transport, storage and secondary processing. The thinness of the sheet combined with the ductile and malleable qualities of nickel allow for easy fabrication of specific shapes while still maintaining the integrity of the materials. Additional properties of nickel such as hardness, ferromagnetism, electrical and heat conductivity, as well as corrosion resistance give further incentive to utilize this material in sheet or other form. When purchasing nickel sheeting, it is important to consider the specific alloy used as physical, chemical and machining properties will vary.

Before sheet production can begin, this naturally occurring element must be mined from the earth most often by means of pyrometallurgical extraction or hydruometallurgy. The resulting nickel ore is refined through various roasting and reduction processes until the desired purity is reached. Commercial grade nickel sheets are composed of 99.6% nickel and minimal amounts of other elements while some nickel alloys contain as little as 32.5% nickel. The nickel or alloy is then formed into ingots, billets, bars or other shapes that are used in the formation of sheets. Processes such as extrusion, casting, hot rolling, cold rolling and drawing are commonly used in sheet metal production, with hot or cold roll forming as the most common technique. In this method the stock nickel, heated or at room temperature, is fed through a pair of rollers that compress the metal into a thin sheet. In some cases several rollers or several passes through the same rollers may be needed to reach the desired thickness which should be uniform throughout the sheet. The thickness, gauge, length and width of the resulting nickel sheet should be carefully considered with regards for its final use as should the effects of any initial or secondary processing. Once purchased for a given application, these thin planes may undergo many different processes such as folding, punching, stamping, slitting, cutting, metal spinning and other fabrication methods which create the final piece.

Nickel Sheet
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