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Leading Companies:

  • Wixom, MI 248-624-8191

    For over 100 years, AFC-Holcroft has offered atmosphere based heat treating equipment built to the highest standards for quality. Our extensive product range includes universal batch systems, mesh belt and cast link belt furnaces, continuous pusher furnaces, roller hearth and rotary hearth furnaces, walking beam furnaces, austempering systems, atmosphere generators, aluminum processing equipment and more. ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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  • Round Lake, IL 847-546-8225

    Our gas furnaces are among the best in the industry! We are dedicated to providing an ever-improving manufacturing process in order to make the very best furnaces possible. It is our goal to offer excellent customer service in every new encounter in hopes of turning first time customers into lifelong friendships. For more information on what we can do for you, visit our website today or get in touch with our staff via email or phone today!

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  • Moreno Valley, CA 951-697-4422

    Manufacturers since 1978 of investment casting foundry equipment, including burnout, preheat and our patented FlashFire Dewax furnaces in standard as well as custom double door and continuous pusher and car types. See our complete product line of kiln and industrial furnace systems on our website.

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  • Santa Rosa, CA 707-571-1911

    Our furnaces will amaze you with their quality and high performance! Our research and development department works hard around the clock in order to ensure that we are providing products that are on the leading edge of technological innovations at all times because we know that our customers rely on the most advanced products to keep their businesses moving smoothly. To learn more about us visit us on the web today!

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  • Maumee, OH 800-537-8980

    Surface Combustion offers a diverse product offering for batch and continuous furnace designs for atmosphere, nonatmosphere or vacuum processing of ferrous and/or nonferrous components/materials. Surface also produces the industry's most popular endothermic and exothermic gas atmosphere generators.

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Industrial Furnaces Industry Information

Industrial Furnaces

Industrial furnaces are enclosed structures that contain high heat chambers. Compared to industrial ovens, industrial furnaces provide much higher temperatures and are mostly used on materials with high melting points.

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Applications of Industrial Furnaces

Industrial furnaces are found in any metallurgy application involving the use of heat to alter, improve, fabricate, or form metals like steel, titanium and aluminum, alloys, glass, composite materials, and some plastics.

They are commonly used in these processes and environments:

  • Glass Fabrication
  • Steel Service Centers
  • Foundries
  • Forgeries
  • Metal Recycling Plants

Their most common use is for heat treating glass and metal, which alters or improves the material's properties by exposing it to high temperatures, then rapidly cooling it. Furnaces are also capable of aging, annealing, sterilizing, and sintering materials, as well as melting raw substances for molding or casting purposes.

Industrial Furnace Design and Customization

Furnaces meant for small runs are usually of single chamber design and are manually loaded and unloaded with various tools to lift crucibles full of molten metal or heat treated products. Larger volume furnaces have automated conveyor systems that allow many parts or products to be treated at a time. Their controlled atmospheres can be oxidizing, inert, salt bath, or vacuum. Furnace specifications include temperature requirements, pressure, internal width, length, and height, as well as heat source.

Industrial Furnace Classifications

There are many different furnace heat sources available today. They include radiant, natural gas, induction, conduction, electrical, and dielectric. Each method has specialized benefits, limitations, and applications. Radiant heat furnaces are similar to wood stoves and portable heaters. They use a flame to heat an object, commonly a ceramic plate. This object gives off heat that transfers throughout the area. Natural gas furnaces are very common. Compared to electric furnaces, they are an economical method of creating a high heat environment. They burn natural gas or propane to generate heat and are used for their high temperature abilities.

Induction furnaces use a combination of electrical resistance and hysteresis losses to heat metal parts. They are exposed to a magnetic field around a coil-carrying alternating current. Induction furnaces are the first choice in metal melting applications and are often used by iron foundries. Electric furnaces are also popular for melting metal. The most common type is an electrical arc furnace, which uses high amounts of electrical current, which travels through a metal arc and is conducted onto large amounts of scrap metal. The current heats the scrap metal to a high enough degree to melt it completely. These furnaces are mostly used for recycling metal parts to be formed into new products.



THE ORDERS CLOSE OUT AN IMPRESSIVE Q1 2022   L&L Special Furnace Company recently received orders for a floor-standing box furnace for heat-treating saw blades along with a large floor-standing, fiber-lined furnace that will be used to stress-relieve and temper large steel castings.   The L&L XLE3648 has an effective work zone of 34” wide by 34” high by 44” deep. It includes an electric vertical door, an alloy hearth and a complete control system. The furnace's primary function is to heat-treat various tool steels that are used for saw... Read More About This


L&L Special Furnace Co., Inc. has received an order for two atmosphere controlled retort box furnaces used for de-bindering ceramic composite matrix parts, (CMC) along with powder medals processing (PM) and hot isostatic processing (HIP). Initially CMC and other ceramic matrix components and additive manufactured parts were developed for bullet resistive armor and cloth. These materials were found to be lighter and stronger than some alloy and ceramic substitutes. Additive manufacturing and CMC materials are now becoming more routine and are finding their way into more and more widespread industries.... Read More About This


L&L Special Furnace Co., Inc., has shipped a large gas-fired normalizing furnace to a worldwide manufacturer of pipe, tube and fittings used for various military contracts. The furnace was scheduled for delivery at the end of Q4 2021 and ran about four weeks behind schedule due to various supply chain issues. It is rated to operate at temperatures from 1,300°F / 704°C to 2,200°F / 1204°C and heated with six medium-velocity burners. The furnace will be able to maintain uniformity of ±25°F / 12.5°C at temperatures above 1,300°F / 704°C.... Read More About This


L&L Special Furnace Co., Inc. has delivered a high-uniformity box furnace to a worldwide, leading valve manufacturer located in the southeastern United States. The L&L model XLE 244 is a front-loading, refractory-lined box furnace and has an effective work zone of 22” wide by 22” high by 20” deep. There is a horizontal double-pivoted door with a safety power cutoff switch. A ceramic hearth and standoffs are provided as a workspace. The XLE 244 is equipped with solid-state relays for fast, quite cycle times to offer good control. These are... Read More About This

Ordering Replacement Parts From The Grieve Corporation

Ordering Replacement Parts From The Grieve Corporation The Grieve Corporation’s user-friendly website makes it simple to order oven or furnace replacement parts anytime. Searchable by category type, part type, or part number, the online database also displays photos and dimensions of each part to help ensure the customer chooses the correct option for their equipment. Grieve’s sizeable inventory of stock parts, and ability to provide quick shipping to locations worldwide, allows their customers to minimize unscheduled downtime and maximize productivity and profit. By spending just a few minutes on the... Read More About This

Lindberg/MPH Ships Industrial Box Furnace to a Leading Manufacturer of Industrial Cutting Tools

Lindberg/MPH announced the shipment of an electrically heated box furnace used for hardening industrial grade saw blades for the woodworking industry. The box furnace is designed with a maximum temperature rating of 2,000°F and normal operating temperature of 1,600°F and work chamber dimensions of 72”W x 48”D x 10”H. The design of the heat treat furnace features a flow through configuration that allows green product to be loaded on one side and treated materials to be unloaded on the opposite side of the furnace. The flow through design provides the... Read More About This