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  • Danvers, MA 978-777-0070

    Our company offers superior heater elements. These high performance systems can handle the strong tolerances and will continuously work proficiently for years to come. We only supply the most innovating units which is why you can trust us to give you the best. Our heaters are second to none and our staff is ready to work with you! If you have specialty orders then let us know and we can honor those requests!

  • Bristol, CT 860-582-6776

    Ulanet™ has 78 years of engineering and manufacturing experience in the production of cartridge, hermetically sealed, miniature, capsule, industrial thermostats, thermal time delay relays, immersion heaters, tubular heaters, miniature strip, bolt, cartridge heaters and numerous other heating elements. Let our proven capability help solve your heater or thermal control problem.

  • Exeter, NH 603-418-7662

    In today’s fast-paced business environment, companies depend on efficiency and productivity more than ever. Fortunately, Tutco SureHeat has the technology to manufacture top quality heater elements to keep your operation running smoothly. Our products have benefitted businesses worldwide in industries such as automotive, food, medical, plastics, packaging, and electronics. All of our products are proudly engineered and manufactured in the USA. Contact us today to learn more!

  • East Lyme, CT 800-531-2070

    Birk Manufacturing is a company manufacturing flexible heating elements, drum heaters and wiring harnesses. Our flexible heaters offer a lightweight solution to heating problems through wire round and etched foil heating elements. Our products demonstrate innovative heating element control.

  • Philadelphia, PA 215-482-5000

    TRENT is a leading manufacturer of heating equipment and heating elements for diverse industrial and commercial applications. Our folded and formed ribbon type heating elements meet higher temperature standards. We also offer strip, tubular, cartridge, and ceramic ring heaters and hot plates.

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Heater Elements

Heater elements are the heating components within all electric heaters. With critical applications in residential, commercial and industrial process applications, heater elements are manufactured in a variety of materials and configurations. Heater elements are capable of providing heat from room temperature up to over 1300° F.

Heater elements are widely used, as most appliances that require heat to perform their processes use a heater element of one kind or another. In fact, ovens, clothes dryers, water heaters, electric furnaces and other industrial, commercial and consumer appliances use heater elements extensively. Industrial processes use heating elements in countless process heating applications in various types of industrial electric heaters. In addition, radiating types of heater elements such as immersion heater elements, quartz heater elements and infrared heater elements are used to heat liquid or air in industrial ovens, storage tank heating, pressure vessel heating, steam generation, boilers, water treatment facilities and many other applications. Some of the more common types of heater elements include tubular heater elements, ceramic heater elements and heater coils.

Heater elements within electric heaters are mainly composed of three elements: an insulating core, a heat conductive coil wrapped around the insulation and an encasing sheath made from stainless steel, aluminum, nickel or iron. Insulating cores are necessary in most types of electric heaters to retain and absorb electrical energy so that it might be released as heat energy by surrounding coils or materials. Coiled wire heater elements, such as those used as household dryer heating elements, have no insulating core but transfer heat directly to the air through blown convection. In higher heat applications, cores are responsible for converting electrical energy into heat energy and are heating elements' major component. Heater element cores are generally made from either NiChrome, a high resistance 80% nickel 20% chromium compound, or from a Positive Thermal Coefficient ceramic, which is a highly heat resistant barium titanate/lead titanate composite. Ceramics and NiChrome are by far the most common insulation materials, although various heater elements may use mineral insulation such as magnesium oxide, mica or fiberglass, depending on the heater's application requirements.

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