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  • The Finished Product

    After undergoing a long and sometimes difficult process, it is nice to be able to admire the finished product. In the case of the rubber extrusion process, this finished product is extruded rubber. Extruded rubber products can provide assistance to an incredibly diverse range of industries. They can even be used for some highly technical and precision industries such as space shuttles and submarines. This is because of the wide variety of possibilities that the rubber can be molded into. While the overall process will be the same for all...

  • A Long History and Long Future

    Rubber has been around for longer than history can really tell us. It is believed that Mayans had the knowledge of how to extract it from the trees and use it back around 1600 BC. However, it was not until around the nineteenth century that a superior method was developed allowing the product to be developed and used on a more significant scale. Rubber is a natural resource found in the Para Rubber Tree, and is an elastic hydrocarbon polymer. Today, the natural and synthetic materials can be strengthened and...

  • Connecting Pipes and Tubes

    Rubber can be used for all sorts of products, for shoes, gloves, toys, rubber bands and more. In addition to these types of products, it is very useful as a barrier in industries such as manufacturing, machinery, tunneling and mining. In these situations, rubber connectors are often employed. These products are able to join the ends of pipes or tubes together while still allowing flexibility, aiding in absorbing axial compression and allowing for easy bending in various directions. Often they are put to work connecting pipes that are responsible for...

  • Britech Industries Manufactures an Assortment of Rubber, Plastic and Vinyl Products

    Extruded Rubber Britech Industries is a supplier of rubber products for a wide range of industries. We have experience dating back to 1984. Britech Industries is a forward-thinking company who continuously invests in the best equipment to create the most creative rubber innovations. Read More......

  • Extruded White Rubber

    The extrusion process is a popular method for plastic and rubber products. Through extrusion, products can be made to incredibly long lengths, making them great for applications such as wire tubing or trim around houses. For both materials the overall process is the same. The raw form of the material is fed into a hopper and from there distributed into a conveyance channel. The material is heated and moved through the channel by a shearing screw. At the end of the channel a die is able to shape the materials...

  • Specialty Seals and Custom Insulation for Mass Transit

    Doug Sharpe President of Elasto Proxy Sealing and insulation for mass transit applications must account for factors such as service conditions, vehicle weight, and passenger health and safety. Subways, trains, and buses operate in a variety of outdoor environments, including hot and cold temperatures. Wind, rain, snow, and sunlight can also cause rubber parts to fail if buyers choose the wrong compounds. Lightweight materials help to reduce vehicle weight and increase fuel economy, but compound selection must account for multiple factors. In addition to environmental conditions and...

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Extruded Rubber

Extruded rubber is the product of the process of heating, pressurizing and forcing raw rubber materials through a die. Once the rubber has passed through the die, which is a chamber that molds the rubber into a specified shape, it is cooled and sometimes treated. Once it has cooled, the rubber can be described as extruded.

Most varieties of rubber can be extruded; a stock of natural rubber, once it has been collected, will often be divided into pellets and then prepared for extrusion. Synthetic rubbers like silicone can also be extruded, though the process of silicone extrusion differs somewhat from natural rubber extrusion because of the differences in the two varieties’ chemical properties. The number of types and functions of extruded rubber products are limited only by the ability of engineers and chemists to design them. Extruded rubber products are found in almost every industry; extruded rubber seals are used in hose connections in aerospace applications, weatherstripping products are often made of extruded rubber and the automotive industry makes use of rubber extrusions in some varieties of bumpers. Silicone extrusions, because of their high temperature-resistance and flexibility have applications in demanding roles like electrical insulation and in the bio-tech industry.

The beginning of the extrusion process is mostly standardized; stock is collected and loaded into the extrusion machine where it passes into a conveyor channel. The stock is then heated to a near-liquid state. It is then pressurized by either a screw or a ram in a cylinder and forced into a die. Depending on the type of rubber being processed, there is some variation of method and extrusion machinery design at this point. Silicone for example, because of its heat-resistance, must be processed at higher temperatures. The dieing process itself is the least standardized step in the extrusion process. A die can take nearly any shape and can produce extrusions of nearly any size. The market for custom extruded profiles is large, and some factories have multiple extrusion lines dedicated solely to the production of custom extrusions. At the end of the extrusion process, the product can be shipped as is, or it can undergo a number of additional treatments. In many cases, to increase the strength of a rubber extrusion, the product will be vulcanized. Vulcanization is the process of curing an extruded rubber with sulfur or other curative compounds. Many extrusions are cut to the appropriate size, cleared of imperfections if they are present and then shipped to the customer.

Extruded Rubber
Extruded Rubber
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