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  • Orange, CA

    Roto Dynamics Inc., custom rotational molders serving rotomolding and plastic tank needs nationwide. We are dedicated to our customers manufacturing needs. Building customer relationships based on integrity and communication assists us in developing a competitive advantage within the industry. We produce quality products at competitive prices. A turnkey manufacturing experience is offered where you will receive assistance with concept sketches, design, engineering, prototyping, manufacturing, quality assurance and logistics.

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  • Mobile, AL

    We carry a full range of FRP plastic tanks, ranging from double wall tanks to cone bottom tanks. We have over 100 years of industry experience manufacturing the highest quality tank products in the industry. We know how to make our products inexpensively and without compromise. Find out more by contacting us by phone or email today! You can also visit us online for more info.

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  • Fort Wayne, IN

    Specializing in fabricated plastic tanks such as water tanks, polypropylene tanks, polyethylene tanks and storage tanks, Park Plastic Products is capable of making your plastic tank in any size or dimension. We pride ourselves on quality plastic tanks, fast service, fair prices and a desire to achieve complete customer satisfaction. We are your source for liquid handling tanks, worldwide.

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  • Pearland, TX

    Sherman Roto Tank specializes in tanks that are manufactured to be suitable to store and process chemicals. Our tanks are a great choice for any industry. All our products go through extensive testing in order to surpass the industry standards. We offer sizes varying from 65 gallon to 800 gallon tanks. Along with tanks we manufacture customizable stands.

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  • Hopkins, MO

    Houston PolyTank offers industrial tanks produced by wrapping bands of compressed plastic around a pre-heated mandrel, thus forming a homogeneous tank. Our cylindrical tanks store up to 50,000-gallons in capacity and our patented rectangular tanks store up to 18,000-gallons. Our industrial tanks are made of polypropylene and are heat-resistant up to 180°F. The plastic is corrosion- and chemical-resistant to both acidic and alkaline compounds (pH 0-14).

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  • Maple Lake, MN

    Rhino Tuff Tanks is a leading manufacturer of high density polyethylene plastic tanks. Our tanks are built to last and can easily replace 55 gallon drums and steel tanks while conserving space by stacking vertically. Rhino Tuff Tanks can be used to store fluids across a wide variety of industries, including automotive liquids, chemical fluids, farm and agricultural fluids, and industrial fluids. Visit our website to learn more.

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Double Wall Tanks Industry Information

Double Wall Tanks

Double wall tanks store hazardous substances utilized in industrial processes in an inner tank while providing a secondary tank locked-on to the inner plastic tank and creating a protective space between the inner tank and the outer tank. Double wall tanks protect both the worker and the environment by offering high reliability and superior protection against harmful chemical spills and leaks. In addition, the double walls ensure that unwanted substances will not enter and mix with the substance within the tank as well.

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Double Wall Tank Design

Consisting of an inner tank referred to as a primary tank and an outer tank referred to as a secondary containment tank, double wall tanks offer a secure protection system. The inner tank stores the hazardous substance, and protective space, called an interstitial space or the area between two walls, is created between the inner and outer walls. The protective space is filled with a non-hazardous substance as well as a level sensor that will detect any leakage from the inner tank. If any leakage is detected, the leak will travel through the substance until it reaches the liquid sensor attached to a unique alarm system. Consisting of a strobe or standard controller, the alarm system will trigger and emit a loud sound. The outer wall is specifically designed to contain the leak or spill and prevent any possible damage that would ensue. Most double wall tanks come with a standard vented manway, which is a center vent or fitting that allows the chemicals to release fumes. The type of manway used by a double wall tank depends on the substance to be stored. For example, non-vented manways are used for double wall tanks storing substances with harmful chemical fumes.

Applications of Double Wall Tanks

Double wall storage tanks are beneficial for many different industries such as agricultural, pharmaceutical, forestry, mining, chemical processing, automotive, and wastewater. With a wide range of chemical resistance, double walled tanks are often used as chemical tanks for substances including acetic acid, ferric chloride, calcium chloride, ethylene glycol, alcohol gasoline mixtures, transmission fluids, waste oil, antifreeze, and diesel. A double wall tank’s usefulness in industries depends on the type of substance they store. Double wall fuel tanks, for example, are useful for commercial, residential, industrial, and petroleum industries.

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Large Double Wall Tanks Now Up to 8850 US Gallons

Assmann Corporation introduces its new IMT 8850 double wall storage tank, designed to hold 8,850 gallons of liquid. This double wall tank will accommodate two truckloads of most chemicals. The IMT 8850 features a standard 24" hinged manway opening and a secure secondary containment. The secondary containment portion of this tank contains over 110% of the primary tanks capacity. Double wall tank accessories are also available. Assmann double wall tanks eliminate chemical spills without the expense of lined concrete containment.  A heavier-top sidewall and dome prevent dome collapse, while... Read More About This