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  • Syracuse, NY 888-293-7434

    Here at National Turbine Corporation, we have prided ourselves on manufacturing the highest quality continuous duty vacuum cleaners for 25 years. We offer 100% Made in the USA equipment, so you can be confident that our products are built to last. Let our experienced design engineers go to work for you, by finding innovative solutions for all of your vacuum needs.

  • Belleville, NJ 800-822-8629

    We are a premier manufacturer of industrial vacuum cleaners, with a strong lineup of continuous duty vacuums. Put our field-proven cleaning systems to work for you, and make your employees and equipment safer and cleaner. Our low maintenance products will assist you in keeping operations running smoothly and efficiently.

  • Union Grove, WI 800-640-4213

    As a leader in the vacuum cleaner manufacturing industry, Multi-Vac offers vacuums for a variety of applications. Products include central industrial vacuums, portable vacuum cleaners and more. With our many years of experience, you can expect quality products and excellent service. Please call or visit our website today for more information.

  • Tulsa, OK 918-216-6100

    Pulse-Bac is the Original & Patented Self-Cleaning Vacuum. Most vacuums can lose up to 50% of their suction as the filter clogs. Not Pulse-Bac. Pulse-Bac is different, its Automatic Pulse-Clean Technology keeps filters clean and suction consistent. Plus they're 100% automatic, no heavy compressors or buttons to push. You just turn it on and go to work. Pulse-Bac's HEPA Certified Filters comply with the OSHA Silica and EPA RRP regulations. For Superior Dust Collection, Check out Pulse-Bac.

  • Warren, NJ 908-647-4100

    Elgee Manufacturing is a manufacturer of industrial vacuum cleaners, HEPA vacuums and commercial vacuum cleaners. We provide customers with vacuum cleaners that are powerful and durable in order to meet numerous application specifications. We serve a variety of industries with our quality vacuum systems.

  • Union Grove, WI 800-558-2280

    We aim to achieve measurable cost savings for you while producing a cleaner and safer work environment in your workplace. Whether you need cleaning or maintaining, recycling, non-destructively excavating, or improving air quality, our industrial vacuum loaders offers high power suction to convey solids, liquids, sludges or slurries. Call or visit our website to learn more!

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Continuous Duty Vacuums

Continuous duty vacuums are, just as their name would have you believe, vacuum cleaners that can run continuously. If you should so choose, your continuous duty vacuum can run twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. With capabilities such as these, continuous duty vacuums are the perfect mechanism for the cleaning applications of other continuous operations, such as production lines, mass transit lines and manufacturing processes. Because they are comparably maintenance free and they are not subject to regular engine burnout, these vacuums offer peace of mind and free up manufacturers to concentrate on the ins and outs of their operations. Some of the many types of substances they clean up include food materials, fibrous/plant/wooden materials and industrial materials. Examples of food materials include rice, tree nuts, peanuts, sugar, powdered milk/dairy, flour and pet food. Examples of fibrous/plant or wooden materials include tobacco, sawdust, cotton, soybean and soybean dust, grain dust, wood chips and cellulose. Finally, examples of the many industrial materials and byproducts cleaned up by continuous duty vacuums include metal chips, sandblast media, paint powder, coal, fiberglass, rubber dust, clay additives, charcoal, welding dust, silicone and autobody work dust.

Continuous duty vacuums are available in many different iterations, with a variety of sizes, horsepowers and designs to accommodate the applications they serve. Though as a general rule, they are stationary rather than portable, some smaller models are available with mobile capabilities. Typically, they consist of a primary filter, a pre-separator, pumps or blowers, a container for collected materials and a point of extraction. The different possibilities of vacuum parts and accessories include: positive displacement pumps (to be considered for high volume recovery applications), large rubber tires (to be considered for applications that require portability), vacuum gauges, vacuum relief valves, housings, impellers, dust buckets and heavy duty manual filter shakers. Housings are typically available in cast iron, while impellers are most often constructed using cast steel. Just a few of the many types of primary and secondary filters that are available for use with continuous duty vacuums include: PTFE high efficiency filters, heavy duty cloth filters, inline filters and high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters. Examples of motors that may be installed in a continuous duty vacuum include: slow speed brushless motors, standard efficiency motors, totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) electric motors and explosion proof motors.

These heavy duty vacuums are available in custom configurations. To help you put together the best machine for your application, manufacturers may ask questions including those related: the type of plant in which the vacuum will work, the frequency with which the vacuum will be used, the approximate area of the space to be cleaned, the number of people who will be operating the system at once, the approximate volume of the material that will be picked up with each cleaning, the approximate size of the largest pieces of material to be picked up, the type(s) of surface(s) to be cleaned, the type of material to be cleaned, the moisture content of the material to be cleaned and the weight of the material to be cleaned. Common adjectives used to describe the material type to be suctioned by a continuous duty vacuum include: wet, moist, dry, sticky, fibrous, flaky and granular. In addition, they are usually largely divided into categories of: abrasives, acids and explosives. Common surface types are first divided into floors, walls and ceilings and then further divided into types such as: concrete, tile, carpet, wood, metal, paneling, drywall, ducting, venting and piping.

To find the best fit for your application, talk to a skilled and experienced industrial vacuum manufacturer. To find your perfect manufacturer, reach out to one or more of the many wonderful companies we have listed on this section of the IQS Directory website. Convey your requirements and specifications to a manufacturer so that they can determine the best parts and powers to build into your continuous duty vacuum. They specifications they will determine include: system horsepower, CFM (cubic feet per minute)/volumetric flow, phase/voltage, storage capacity, system dimensions (length, width and height), weight and noise level. In addition, they will help you decide if you need a portable or stationary vacuum cleaner, what type of motor your vacuum cleaner requires, if you need secondary filters in addition to your primary filters, if you need separators for wet material, if your system will require thermal overload protection and much more. Also, if you have a preference, ask they about the paint finishes they have available.

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