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  • The Ever-Changing Vacuum Cleaner

    The vacuum cleaner puffed its way into existence a little after the middle of the 19th-century, and since then, advances in vacuum cleaners seem to be constant. Especially in a culture of television, radio, and internet advertising, we are made aware of new kinds of vacuums what seems almost daily. Despite the deluge of new forms of vacuum technology, it can be rather staggering if you take a moment to think about where we would be if these little machines had not come along when they did. The thing about...

  • Blow the Dust Off Central Vacuums

    Central vacuum systems are growing in popularity, even though their prices may seem prohibitive to some. Despite their cost, central vacuums prove worthy of their prices and pretty much pay for themselves down the line with the benefits they offer consumers. The benefit that probably comes to mind the fastest, I imagine, is the convenience they provide for homeowners; not having to haul a traditional vacuum unit around the house makes life much easier. In addition to this major advantage there are several other wonderful benefits resulting from installing a...

  • VAC-U-MAX Compressed-Air, Pulse-Jet Filter Industrial Vacuum Cleaners Do Not Use Electricity – “An Intrinsically-Safe System”

    VAC-U-MAX recognizes the importance of handling combustible dust safely, and has been proactive in this regard for decades. VAC-U-MAX was founded in 1954 to address the need for an intrinsically safe vacuum cleaning system for the textile industry. VAC-U-MAX founder, Frank Pendleton identified this need to collect combustible textile dust and debris safely; and the result was the development of the world’s first compressed-air powered portable vacuum unit that does not use electricity. The OSHA National Emphasis Program for Combustible Dusts, initially released in October 2007 and re-issued for emphasis and...

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Central Vacuum Cleaners

Central vacuums are industrial vacuum cleaners used in contexts that require frequent use of high-capacity vacuum cleaners. Central vacuums are different from small vacuum cleaners or portable vacuums in a number of ways; the biggest difference being that central vacuums and their constituent parts are built into the structure of the buildings in which they are used.

Central vacuum cleaners usually involve a single, large machine that creates a powerful vacuum for collecting and temporarily storing dust, dirt and other debris. That enclosure is connected to a network of narrow ducts that go through the structure of a building, often beneath floors or within walls. The ducts have inlets with detachable covers that are accessible by janitorial staff and provide for the attachment of hoses and vacuuming equipment like wands. Central vacuum systems offer some advantages over portable vacuums. The central vacuum is stationary, so its power source can also be stationary. This means that janitorial staff are not restricted to work within the boundaries created by power cords; they need only to connect their hoses and other equipment to the central vacuum system’s inlets. Also, because central vacuums are usually given their own, dedicated operating space, they are less disruptive in terms of noise generation than are portable vacuums, which are almost always quite loud.

Every vacuum cleaner is intended to serve the same purpose: the efficient and effective collection of a material from an area. Central vacuums cut down on investments in individual filters and other equipment for portable vacuums because all of the material that is collected during vacuuming goes to a single storage area. Also, all attachments and hoses that are used with central vacuum systems are standardized, which cuts down on unnecessary duplication of materials. Portable vacuum cleaners must be emptied when their filter bags or canisters become full. This process uses time that maintenance staff could spend tending to buildings. Central vacuums’ storage containers are emptied regularly, streamlining the waste removal process. Also, new developments in central vacuum design allow for the use of air filters, which help improve air quality. Despite the benefits central vacuums offer, they are not perfect for every situation. The necessary ductwork and other infrastructure are costly to install, and buildings that were not originally built with central vacuums require retrofitting to accommodate them. Also, small buildings may not require central vacuums, as one or two portable vacuums would be less expensive to supply and maintain than a central system.

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