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  • Owosso, MI 989-720-2700

    We provide dynamometer test controls and equipment for a wide range of applications. Our test cell control system is compatible with all types of dynamometers, including AC & DC motoring dynos & Water Brake Systems. Our products all include the durability & quality customers expect from SAKOR. Our dynamometers are powerful & affordable for the automotive, aerospace & heavy equipment industries.

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  • Sturtevant, WI 818-746-3649

    Phoenix Dynamometer Technologies LLC offers the most comprehensive approach to water re-circulation systems, data acquisition systems, and dynamometers in the industry. Along with these high performance products, we also offer business continuity and a competitive advantage for our customers. Come and experience the kind of service that sets us above our competitors. We would love to serve you today. Call or visit us online!

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  • Ann Arbor, MI 734-822-9502

    When accuracy, reliability and performance matter look to the name that means dependability: A&D Technology. If you’re looking for an AC Dynamometer or an EC Dynamometer, A&D has you covered! We are a leader in dynamometers and have extensive advantages over other dynamometer manufacturers. Contact us today for more information!

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  • Monterey, CA 831-373-0200

    Customers choose Sierra Instruments when they need a dynamometer that is accurate and repeatable. We also offer short delivery lead times, expert flow advice, and long term customer support. Our line of dynamometers include chassis, eddy, hydraulic, and more. When it matters, choose Sierra. Contact us today to learn more!

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  • Twinsburg, OH 330-963-5400

    For over 45 years, Mustang Dynamometers has been a worldwide manufacturer and designer of the highest quality, most accurate testing equipment such as chassis dynamometers, engine dynos and transmission dynes systems in the world. Our sister company, Mustang Advanced Engineering, has created world leading solutions for testing. Visit for more information. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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  • Grand Rapids, MI 616-234-1200

    Since 1953, our customers have helped us earn the reputation of a technology pioneer and global leader in Vehicle Test Systems. As the manufacturer of the first fully electric DVT roll-brake machine, we paved the way for innovation in automotive and heavy duty vehicle testing, supplying end-of-line equipment, dynamometers, and tire & wheel assembly systems to major OEMs throughout the world.

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AC Dynamometers

When a product is being engineered and designed, it is important to determine the parameters of its use, which can be completed with a variety of testing instruments. In the case of engines, chassis, and rotating devices, it is important to know the speed and torque that they can endure with low risk to engineers. An AC dynamometer is a device that can provide the proper data safely and accurately.

What is an AC Dynamometer?

An AC dynamometer offers a convenient snapshot of performance in order to develop a comparison between actual execution and the established design specifications. In an attempt to improve their products as well as test them sufficiently prior to their being introduced to the market, manufacturers are ramping up their efforts to perfect their products by sophisticated testing.

The use of AC dynamometers has been a major step in the advancement and improvement of products. The purpose of an AC dynamometer is to measure the RPMs and torque an engine or electronic device can withstand by making a closed loop connection to the system to be tested using various industrial interfaces.

The testing unit provides controls of temperature, pressure, speed, and torque levels to monitor the specific element to be tested. The standard AC dynamometer unit has an AC induction motor, a torque sensor, some form of base, a flange connected to power machinery, AC converter system, and dynamometer measuring instrument.

Dynamometers have a very high accuracy rating of 90% and above. This single factor adds to their dependability and the reliability of the data, which is valuable in regard to a motor’s capabilities.

AC Dynamometer Applications

Testing has become a necessity for any type of electronic or gas motor. It is irrelevant whether it is an electric tool, large electrical motor, diesel engine, marine engine, or powertrain part, testing is an essential part of determining quality, applicability, performance, and endurance. The benefit of an AC Dynamometer is its being ecologically friendly and environmentally safe.

The first industry to take advantage of the use of a dynamometer is auto production. By using a dynamometer, they can save time, get accurate instant data, and remove the need for complex and complicated testing. From the first dynamometer designed to measure the capabilities of horses, to today’s more advanced versions, dynamometers have been a major improvement in engine testing methods.

Uses of an AC Dynamometer

Though dynamometers are mainly used to test engines, they do have several other testing functions. Due to concerns regarding environmental pollution, dynamometers are able to simulate road conditions to measure the number of emissions produced by an engine.

Aside from their use for testing engines, dynamometers can be used by the medical industry to measure the stability of a patient’s hand and grip function. They have become a vital instrument for rehabilitation, kinesiology, and ergonomic purposes.