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Rubber Tube

Below is a list of Rubber Tube manufacturers from Texas. A rubber tube is made from natural latex or synthetic rubber and is used in flow lines to transport liquids or gases. Natural rubber tubing is derived from natural latex, which is a product of several plant species, most notably the ParĂ¡ rubber tree. Synthetic rubber is made from various molecules derived from petroleum. The inner diameter, outer diameter and thickness of rubber tubing can range in size from a few thousandths of an inch to several inches.

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Rubber Tube Companies Serving Texas

Elasto Tech has been meeting your specific needs for custom molded rubber products since 1980. Quality control and testing procedures ensure superior o-rings, gaskets and custom-molded shapes. Our custom molded rubber shapes product category offers general and profile extrusions as well as extruded tubing. Visit our website today! Rubber Tube in Texas.
Randolph Austin Company manufactures specialty flexible tubing for unique fluid transfers. We manufacture Whatever the job, Randolph Austin delivers unparallelled quality, performance and precision for all of your tubing needs. Rubber Tube in Texas.
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