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Leading Companies:

  • Southampton, PA 800-506-3924

    We are rubber tubing experts, and we have been since our founding in 1954. We serve the entire world with quality tubing products right from the heart of Pennsylvania. We know how important quality is to you, which is why we go above and beyond basic requirements to provide you with the tools you need to succeed. Contact us today to find out more!

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  • Littleton, MA 800-882-3666

    Atlantic Rubber Company is your full service source for high-quality precision products. When it comes to black rubber tubing, their engineering staff has the experience and expertise needed to make the exact product to meet all of your requirements and specifications. Pure Gum rubber is also available, which is versatile and reliable. For additional information about their products and services, give them a call today!

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  • Stuart, FL 772-286-9278

    If you are looking for high quality gum rubber tubing, then you have come to the right place! We offer the very best gum tubing products in the industry. We are based out of Florida, and we scour the globe for the best products to offer our customers. We have nearly 30 years of experience in the industry, and we use that knowledge to source the best products around. Learn more on our website today!

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  • Cleveland, OH 440-238-3009

    Established in 1986, GSH Industries supplies plastic, aluminum and rubber tubing to an array of industries including automotive, consumer, marine and electrical. We produce rubber parts from many different materials including Viton®, Nitrile, Buna N, Silicone, SBR, EPDM and more. Our tooling capabilities allow us to create intricate profiles ensuring rubber goods are of the highest quality.

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  • Kent, OH 800-331-4762

    Kent Elastomer Products manufactures rubber tubing products and leads the way when it comes to precision low durometer tubing. As the largest producer of dipped natural rubber latex tubing, we offer a choice of sizes and colors. Our natural rubber latex tubing is made in the USA.

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Gum Rubber Tubing Industry Information

Gum Rubber Tubing

Gum rubber tubing is another name for natural rubber tubing that provides a pathway for liquids and gasses. Natural rubber is derived from natural latex and synthetic rubber that comes from processed petrochemicals. The term gum rubber refers to the naturally derived version. Gum rubber tubing can range in outer diameter, inner diameter, and wall thickness. It is usually tan or white in color; colorants may be added, though this interferes with the purity of the rubber.

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Manufacturing Gum Rubber Tubing

Gum rubber is made from natural latex. The collected natural latex is taken to a processing plant and mixed with chemicals, so it thickens. In synthetic rubber, certain additives can influence the final product's attributes. For example, some rubber tubing is conductive while other tubing is sterile and inert. Neoprene, silicone, and Viton are a few examples of materials that have different characteristics while still being classified as rubber tubing. For instance, neoprene is buoyant, silicone is very smooth and elastic, and Viton tubing is highly resilient. After mixing, the rubber must be given its shape. There are three main ways this is done: molding, extrusion, and dipping. Liquid rubber can be poured into molds and pressed into place; the two halves will later be attached and smoothed together. Rubber tube extrusion involves taking raw rubber materials and forcing them through an extrusion die. Dipping rubber tubes involves long cylinders called mandrels whose thickness is the width of the desired internal diameter. They are dipped into vats of rubber and then dried and steam cured. For a textured non-slip exterior, gum rubber tubing may be wrapped in cloth.

Applications of Gum Rubber Tubing

Gum rubber tubing has excellent tensile strength as well as being tear resistant and resilient. It retains its flexibility at low temperatures, making it weather and ozone resistant, and it has superior shape memory. Gum rubber tubing is used in many industries for a variety of applications, including dry bulk food processing in addition to pharmaceutical, chemical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and specialty applications. It is also widely used in laboratories and medical environments because it permits the unrestricted flow of water, gasses, chemicals, and acids at low pressure. It has a tight seal when connected correctly to push-on fittings, hose barbs, and glass tubing. Gum rubber tubing may also be used in vacuum assemblies when the wall thickness is at least half the internal diameter.

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