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Rubber Manufacturers and Companies

IQS Directory is a top industrial directory listing of leading industrial rubber manufacturers and suppliers. Access our comprehensive index to review and source rubber manufacturers with preview ads and detailed product descriptions. These rubber companies can design, engineer and manufacture rubber to your specifications and application need. A quick and easy to use request for quote form is provided for you to contact these rubber manufacturers and suppliers. Each company has detailed profile information, locations, phone number, website links, product videos and product information defined. Read customer reviews and product specific news articles. We are the right resource for your information requirement whether its for a manufacturer of rubber materials,  rubber moldings, and silicone rubber.

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For all rubber parts needs, turn to RD Rubber Technology. We specialize in products for high technology companies such as health care, aerospace, and electronics. Our top of the line solutions are designed with you in mind and we can accurately manufacture these items to adhere to your specifications. Give us a call today!
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Accurate products will exceed all of your expectations for standard and custom rubber parts. Industries served are vast, and range from industrial distributors to OEMs. We take pride in saying that we are an ISO certified company that can assist you with all of your needs. We also offer bar coding, packaging, traceability, and light assembly as value added services.
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For over 90 years, Pierce-Roberts Rubber Company is a manufacturer of custom rubber products. Capabilities include custom and injection rubber molding and custom rubber mixing. We serve such industries as electronics, hydraulics, air and fluid control. ISO 9001:2000 registered. Focusing on customer`s needs has kept us in business. Our commitment will carry us into the future.
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Britech is a manufacturer and supplier of molded, extruded, and die cut rubber products. We offer custom moldings with quick turnaround time. We can manufacture using rigid and flexible materials, as well as different colors and textures. Browse a full list of options on our website or call us to get started today!
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REDCO provides high-precision, cost-effective rubber molded parts to a variety of industries. Full engineering and design services, developmental prototyping and a wide range of secondary finishing and assembly operations can be accomplished in our modern facility. Injection molded rubber at its finest.
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We specialize in rubber molding, and custom extrusions. Whether you are looking for rubber molded items less than 1 gram or over 100 lbs or a custom rubber compound, we have the solution for you. We are committed to the environment so we now offer recycled rubber in molded, extruding, and custom rubber. Providing superior quality, reliable deliveries, and excellent customer service are our top priority. Solving engineering challenges is something we love, let us innovate for you!
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With over 30 years of experience in the rubber molding industry, we remain committed to offering the best of our time and energy to all customers no matter how large or small. We believe in providing our customers with the tools they need to succeed. Learn more about what we can do for you on our website today!
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Jet Rubber Company, employee-owned, offers custom molded rubber and rubber to metal components. They offer rubber molding in a wide array of standard rubber products as well as custom options for those more complex and difficult jobs. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction, competitive prices and on time delivery. We routinely work with a wide variety of materials.
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Rubber Manufacturers

The manufacturing of rubber is something that has been going on for years and years, and has only grown as time has gone on. In fact, today about 25 million tonnes of rubber are produced every year and this rubber is produced for a wide range of applications and industries from automobile tires to tiny rubber gaskets. All of which start with rubber manufacturers, the vast majority of rubber manufacturers fall into the tire making business, as this account for around 70% of all of the worlds natural rubber. Other non-natural rubber are also being manufactured such as latex and synthetic rubber which is derived from photochemical sources. Natural rubber, in addition to being found in tires, is a great material to use for conveyor belts, windshield wipers, pretty much all marine products, and a number of other applications due to its physical properties.

These properties include exhibiting both the Mullins effect and the Payne effect. The Mullins effect has to do with the mechanical response that rubber has to the stress strain curve which is dependent on the maximum loading that the rubber has encountered previously. The Payne effect also deals with the stress strain relationship of rubber in small deformations. Elasticity is perhaps the most known and sought after property of rubber, this elasticity changes based on how the rubber has been manufactured so it is important to be clear with your rubber manufacture with how you would like your material to be. The elasticity of rubber is also dependent on the temperature of your application, when placed in an environment where temperatures are below freezing the overall elasticity is low while in extreme heat the elasticity is incredibly high. Rubber is used in a number of manufacturing processes from rubber bonding to use in gaskets, extrusions and rubber molding processes.

Whatever your application requires, finding the right rubber manufacturer is the best first step to receiving the best extrusion, molding, gasket, o-rings, or any other rubber product you require. It is important to relay your application and requirement to the rubber manufacturer so that they can fully utilize their knowledge and experience in order to provide you with the best rubber product possible for your application.

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