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Seegrid Vision gives "eyes" to robots. Our patented 3D grid technology transforms ordinary machines into vision guided vehicles with advanced autonomous navigation. Dr. Hans Moravec founded Seegrid in 2003 after decades of perfecting robotic vision technology at Carnegie Mellon. He remains our Chief Scientist, and his vision continues to guide us. We have a culture centered on passion, drive, and innovation, which attracts some of the best and brightest talent to our company. At Seegrid, we see the bright future of autonomous navigation, and we're living that future today.

Industry leaders depend on VGVs to reduce labor costs, improve safety, increase productivity, and boost competitiveness. The implementation of Seegrid Vision at Giant Eagle resulted in 20-30% reduced putaway travel and 35-45% increased hi-lift efficiency. They also reported improved safety, less product damage, and reduced non value-added work. Whirlpool, an appliance manufacturer, had similar successes. Seegrid Vision simplified parts delivery, filled labor shortages, increased efficiency, and reduced labor costs. Guided by cameras instead of wires, lasers, magnets, or tape, VGVs transport goods with unmatched flexibility.

Our eBook, titled "IIOT: The Next Frontier for Manufacturing", explains how companies are adopting systems like Seegrid's VGVs to optimize material handling. Recently, Seegrid secured $25M in financing that will allow us to grow and develop our products even more. Furthermore, it shows the trust our shareholders have in our methods and technology. Articles in The Wall Street Journal and Network World highlight the success of Seegrid and our 3D grid technology. At Seegrid, what we do is who we are - applying technology in the real world to create real value, and having fun doing it.


October 19, 2016 - Press Releases
Read how Seegrid was able to acquire $25M in additional resources from making some of the most innovated vision guided vehicles....

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