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Plastic Strip Manufacturers and Companies

IQS Directory provides an extensive list of plastic strip manufacturers and suppliers. Utilize our website to review and source plastic strip manufactures with our easy-to-use features which allow you to locate plastic strip companies that will design, engineer, and manufacturer plastic trim for your exact specifications. Our request for quote forms make it easy to connect with leading plastic strip manufacturers. View company profiles, website links, locations, phone number, product videos, customer reviews, product specific news articles and other production information. We are a leading manufacturer directory who will connect you with the right manufacturers whether you are looking for plastic stripping, acrylic strips, or vinyl strips.

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Our plastic strips are created using the latest technologies for assured productivity and consistency. We offer a variety of services and we are excited to work with you to produce the best quality plastic strips to meet your parameters. Our company is proud to be a custom extruded products manufacturer which means we can handle any request involving plastic extruded creation. Let us know how we can help you today!
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We process all types of materials from graphic holders to plastic strip. Our high quality plastic strip is very durable. Our goal is to make each customer completely satisfied and we are eager for you to give us your projects. These plastic strip systems are lightweight and easy to develop. We have a wide variety of stock options that are available for you. We can also custom make any extrusion. Please give us a call for more information!
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Are you searching for a turnkey supplier? We produce the highest quality plastic strips and we guarantee the reliable these products. Our engineers create plastic strip and other plastic extrusion supplies. These unique units are designed for optimum efficiency and easy assembly. You can trust our engineer experience and we are eager to work with you! Contact us today for more information!
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We are a leading supplier for plastic strip and other plastic extrusion equipment. Our plastic strip can be utilized for a variety of applications and we serve a multitude of industries. You will always receive assistance from our customer service team without any delays. We offer fast quotes and material recommendations. Give us a call today and learn how our company can best serve you!
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We can manufacture your plastic extrusions with various materials including: PVC, PU, PE, ABS, styrene, TPE, TPU, urethane and more. We can provide you with extruded profiles in a variety of shapes and sizes designed to be durable, flexible or rigid, while being compatible with almost any application. Our solutions and products are competitively priced and we will always provide you with outstanding after-sale support.
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Britech Industries is a leading manufacturer of all things extrusion. We develop the most lightweight but durable plastic strip. These units come in a variety of colors. We have an extensive amount of experience and our team will deliver you on-time excellent solutions. We have the best products available which are made from the highest quality resources. Contact us today to learn more!
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If you are looking for the best plastic strip then you have come to the right place. We strive to produce quality strip for our customers. Our products are manufactured from a variety of materials including PVC, Nylon, Noryl, TPO, Polypropylene and more. Whether you are looking for rigid or flexible solutions, we can help. We are excited to serve you! Contact us to learn more!
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Trim-Lok, Inc. manufactures top quality plastic and rubber extruded trim and seal profiles in a number of materials including dense and closed cellular sponge EPDM, Silicone, Nitrile PVC, dense Neoprene, rigid and flexible PVC, ABS, PP, PE, TPO, TPE, TPV and TPR. Our extrusion lines provide the flexibility to run single and multi-material parts. Custom profile engineering by our highly skilled team of engineers and off-the-shelf profiles ready to ship ensures the right part for your application.
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Industry Information

Plastic Strip

Plastic strips are plastic shapes manufactured during continuous plastic fabrication processes. The criteria for plastic strip qualification are not universal; the words strip, sheet and even channel are applied largely according to preference or opinion. Any long, narrow, solid plastic shape is likely to be considered a strip, though when plastic strips are affixed around windows, doors or flooring they are often called trim.

Long, narrow sheets of plastic are sometimes also referred to as strips. Such plastic strip varieties are often placed in doorways for climate control purposes in industrial settings and even in public places. Most other plastic strip varieties are characterized by length and narrowness. They are used as building trim, components in furniture, collators for nails in nail guns, vehicle trim and for many other purposes. Rigid plastic strips can be made from many plastic materials. These include high and low density polyethylene, PET, polystyrene and many other plastic materials. Each material is chosen based on its qualities of strength, durability, weather resistance and other relevant qualities. PVC, for example, is often chosen because of its resistance to UV rays.

Plastic strips are manufactured by a process called extrusion. Extrusion is a continuous plastic fabrication process, which makes it especially suited to the creation of long plastic strips. At the beginning of the plastic strip extrusion process, a collection of raw plastic material, usually in the form of flakes or pellets, is placed in a hopper suspended above an extruder. When the plastic is released from the hopper, it enters a conveyance channel where a large shearing screw forces the plastic down the channel as it turns. As the plastic moves down the channel, the friction caused by the turning of the screw causes the plastic to become molten. Some extruders will feature electronic heating elements to aid in the plasticization of the material. By the time the plastic reaches the end of the channel, it is ready to be formed. At the end of the channel is a die, which is a specially designed tool that turns raw materials into useful products. In the case of plastic extrusion, a die is a metal plate with a specially-cut hole through which the plastic is intended to pass. As the plastic is forced through the die, it takes its shape. When it emerges on the other side of the die, it is a newly extruded plastic strip. The strip is then allowed to cool and harden, after which point it is cut to length and either sent for shipment or prepared for additional processing like painting or labeling.