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NEMA 5 15P Power Cord Manufacturers

IQS Directory provides an extensive list of NEMA 5 15p manufacturers and suppliers. Utilize our website to review and source NEMA 5 15p manufactures with our easy-to-use features which allow you to locate NEMA 5 15p companies that will design, engineer, and manufacturer NEMA 5 15p for your exact specifications. Our request for quote forms make it easy to connect with leading NEMA 5 15p manufacturers. View company profiles, website links, locations, phone number, product videos, customer reviews, product specific news articles and other production information. We are a leading manufacturer directory who will connect you with the right manufacturers whether you are looking for NEMA 5 15p, NEMA power cords, or cord set assemblies.

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Our customers find we have the highest standards when it comes to quality, and delivery. Quail Electronics is a worldwide power cord supplier, offering power cords and various other products. Our products are used worldwide across every industry there is. Offering same day shipping, competitive pricing, low $50 minimum and a large array of products in stock, contact Quail.
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A power cord manufacturer, with over two million monthly productions of power cords, is Signal and Power Delivery Systems. They provide in-house wire extrusion and connector production assures the best price, quality and unmatched lead times. They offer OEM custom designs and over 200 styles of stocked products, for ANY country with unbeatable prices.
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United Universal Industries is a leading supplier and manufacturer of various power cords, wiring harnesses and special molded products for a wide range of industries and markets. All products are 100% compliant. Family owned and operated, United Universal Industry has been providing their loyal customers with personal service and quality products for over thirty years.
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Americor Electronics, Ltd. offers an extensive line of electronic / electrical components including domestic and international power cords and cord sets. We source supplies from overseas when a standard product is needed. Custom products are designed to your specifications. Shielded and hospital grade twist lock cords as well as detachable power cords with straight, left or right IEC 320 connectors available. Cords rated for extreme heat also available. ISO 9001-2015 certified & RoHS compliant.
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For the best certified power cords, plugs, cord sets, connectors, adapters, receptacles, iec power cords, electric cords & power strips, come to Conntek...Our custom cable assemblies are for industrial & hospital grade applications, commercial equipment, home appliances, recreational devices, & more. We supply customers efficient, flexible solutions for your power connection & socket needs.
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Industry Information

NEMA 5 15p Power Cord

NEMA power cords, also known as NEMA connectors, are used to connect to power sources in countries that use North American standard sockets. NEMA refers to National Electrical Manufacturers Association. Any electrical product with a NEMA certification is approved by the national association because it meets their manufacturing standards.

NEMA products range from 15 to 60 amperes and 125 to 600 volts, and they are differentiated by their classifications. All NEMA 1 power cords have a two-prong design, while all NEMA 5 devices have a three-prong design. NEMA 5 devices are three-wire grounding devices that are rated for a maximum voltage of 125. The 5 15 rating, specifically, is a grounded version of a NEMA 1 15 device. Devices that are classified as NEMA 6 and up are typically used to direct power to large machines or household appliances.

While all NEMA 5 15 power cords have three prongs, some are designed with a different end than others. For cords that may be used behind a piece of furniture, the head of the cord turns sideways so that it can be flush with the wall when plugged in. Others have a more traditional head that goes straight into the wall. Some NEMA power cords have multiple outlets so that one power source can be extended and used to power several devices at the same time.

Many NEMA devices come with additional safety features to protect against electrical fires or power surges that could damage electronic products. A ground fault circuit interrupter, for instance, will automatically disconnect the circuit if the difference between the outgoing power is 6 milliamperes greater than the current returning to the device on the neutral conductor.

Another important safety feature on many new residential NEMA makes electrical outlets safer for children. A child may try to jam a foreign object into an electrical outlet, which could in turn lead to significant injury. With tamper-resistant receptacle, a spring loaded cover keeps foreign objects from entering through the front of the receptacle. Although this small feature adds very little cost to a device, it can make a big difference in many homes. Many NEMA 5 15 power cords are weather resistant because they are used outdoors or in damp areas.

NEMA power cords are used in many different applications and can power simple household devices, power tools and more. 5 15 power cords are quite possibly the most popular and most common type on the market because they can be used for so many different products and fit into all standard electrical outlets in North America.

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association is headquartered in Virginia, and it has over 430 members both nationally and internationally. Among these are instantly recognizable major corporations like 3M, Hubbell, Medtronic and more; as well as a number of smaller manufacturers. By being members of NEMA, these companies benefits from an industry-approved set of standards that consumers can trust. This gives credibility to the members' products, but it also ensures that they are held to a set of standards that help maintain quality among electrical manufacturers.
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