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  • Hickory, NC

    Carolina Tape & Supply Co. is a distributor & custom tapes converter offering 100% satisfaction. As one of the leading tape suppliers in the nation, Carolina offers an array of quality products & services to your company & their capable staff would love to help you satisfy your taping requirements— call today or simply go to their website to check out their excellent, affordable merchandise.

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  • Lake Villa, IL

    CS Hyde is a leading distributor and converter that supplies a wide variety of high performance tapes with pressure sensitive adhesive. Our tape is available in materials such as Teflon™ Fluoroplastic, Kapton®, UHMW, Silicone, and many more. Since our fouding in 1996, our team at CS Hyde has continued to be committed to our customers and building long-term relationships by providing top quality products and unparalleled service.

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  • Franklin, WI

    CFS is an ISO 9001:2015, 3M™ Preferred Converter with a large inventory of industrial masking tape products, including high temperature polyester tapes, polyimide tape, and crepe tapes. Our tapes can be used for powder coating, e-coating, anodizing, and many other applications. As a 3M™ Preferred Converter, we can custom slit or die-cut most of our tapes to your desired specifications. CFS supplies many diverse industries including agriculture, aerospace, military, electronics, and more.

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  • Minneapolis, MN

    As a tape supplier our products serve many diverse industries such as aerospace, artistry, graphic arts, food and drink as well as many others! For over forty years we have been providing the highest quality tape products with the widest selection. Just a few examples of the products we offer are 3M masking, Teflon, gaffers tape as well as many others. To learn more about what we may be able to do for you get in touch with us today!

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  • Columbia, IL

    Budnick Converting is a family-owned custom converter and distributor of adhesive tapes, foams, and other flexible materials. We have over 70 years of experience in the tape and converting industry and offer adhesive tapes, foams, films, foils, and other specialty materials from every major manufacturer. Our primary converting services include slitting, die-cutting, printing, spooling, laminating, prototyping, high speed plotter, waterjet, and laser cutting.

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  • Caldwell, OH

    At Magnum Tapes & Films, our dedication to excellence in tape solutions is the cornerstone of our commitment to providing superior products and services to our valued clientele. With years of experience and a deep understanding of the tape industry, we have established ourselves as a trusted leader in delivering high-quality, customizable tape solutions. Our product line features a diverse range of tapes meticulously designed and manufactured to meet your diverse needs.

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Teflon Tape Industry Information

Teflon Tape

Teflon tape is a type of adhesive that is primarily used to hold different forms of piping together, as well as seal different pipe joints where two pieces of pipe come together.

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History of Teflon

Teflon is the brand name of formulas based on the synthetic fluoropolymer Polytetrafluoroethylene, more commonly known as PTFE. PTFE was accidentally discovered in 1938 by a man working for DuPont named Roy Plunkett.

Applications of Teflon Tape

Other areas in which Teflon or PTFE commonly serve include: as the coating on non-stick cooking pans and other cookware, as anti-friction devices (AFD) in skis, as the coating on catheters, as a bone graft material and as dental fillings. Teflon tape differs from other forms of tape because it takes on some of the distinct characteristics of PTFE, one of which is the fact that it is not actually sticky, but rather non-stick.

Energy Efficiency
It feels more like cloth than tape. In addition, Teflon tape is highly heat resistant and non-reactive to multiple chemicals. Furthermore, its low level of friction leads to reduced wear abrasion and increased energy efficiency.
Leak Prevention
Teflon tape is also frequently referred to as plumbers tape, as it is so often used by plumbers. In plumbing applications, Teflon tape is usually used in order to fill the gaps in the threading on a pipe or in order to prevent leaks. In addition to plumbing, Teflon tape is used for applications in the industrial, manufacturing, household and appliance industries related to attachment, surface protection, sealing and maintenance.
Some of those additional items around which it may be wrapped for the purpose of insulation include: tabletop covers, gaskets, heat sealing bars, chutes, roll covers, bearing surfaces and guide rails. Some people also use it in electrical applications, but the tape that should really be used for those applications is electrical tape, not Teflon tape. Along these same lines, note that Teflon tape is not to be confused with metal strapping. Metal strapping is, like Teflon tape, a popular plumbers tape. They, however, serve entirely different purposes from one another.

Installation of Teflon Tape to Substrates

In order to apply Teflon tape to the surface of a pipe, users must simply wrap it carefully around the thread on the end of the pipe. They must be precise so that they do not accidentally break off pieces of the tape, as breaks in coverage can easily cause issues later on. In addition, those applying Teflon tape need to be mindful of what direction they will be turning the pipe in order to fit it back into the system with which it works.

Keeping this in mind, they must make sure to wrap the tape in the opposite direction of that which they will be tightening the pipe later, because, if they do not, the tape could become caught and then unwind itself. For the same reason, should the pipe be removed for any reason after it has been taped, the old piece of tape should be removed and discarded and a new piece of tape applied in its place.

Teflon tape provides its users with quality leak prevention and leak stoppage in the face of all sorts of substances and influences. If you're interested, you can monitor just how much the taped joints allow to leak, by using a leak detector.

Additionally, teflon tape protects pipes and other items from exposure to weather and human handling and it does so with high efficiency. Easily removed, it further benefits these systems by providing them with a reliable surface that can be removed and reapplied without requiring manufacturers to disassemble and re-fabricate the piping. Teflon tape is dimensionally stable, strong, heat resistant, moisture resistant, chemical resistant and anti-sticking.

To accommodate the specifications of all sorts of applications, Teflon tape is available in a myriad of different roll lengths, weights and thicknesses. Also, it can be produced to meet the standard requirements of all sorts of organizations and industries, including ISO (International Organization for Standardization), ASTM International (American Society for Testing and Materials), Mil-Specs (United States military specifications), OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and UL (Underwriters Laboratories).

Things to Consider when Purchasing Teflon Tape

The best Teflon tape is born out of the best customer and manufacturer relationships. To cultivate such a relationship, share not only your specifications and requirements with your supplier, but your questions and concerns as well. This will help them have a better understanding of your needs. Find the best manufacturers by scrolling to the top of this page and browsing the tape companies that partner with IQS. Any one of them will serve you well. Start by sending one or more of them an email, fax or request for a quote today. Or, simply pick up the phone and call them.

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