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  • Creating Power With Lost Energy

    Many industrial processes and working machinery will discard thermal energy as a byproduct. There are a number of different ways to recover this wasted heat, but the ways are limited in order to be commercially viable. For this heat to stop being described as waste, it must be used in a way to cause benefit. Waste heat recovery can be seen as a form of recycling. There are a number of waste heat recovery units ,or WHRU, that can turn this lost energy into power. If done correctly, it can...

  • The Popular Pasteurization Heating Tool

    Among the health focused tips we are given by doctors from the time we are small is how we are to consume a version of the first substance that fuels our bodies; milk. Specifically, we move from breast milk or formula to cow's milk, which is supposed to keep our bones strong and our digestive systems regular. However, making sure the public does not ingest a lot of bad bacteria when fueling their bodies with this popular liquid, it must go through a pasteurizing process before it can be packaged...

  • Spiral Heat Exchangers: The Cleaning Genie

    I know that when I am considering what style or model of product to buy, a self-cleaning component is going to sell me every time. When a characteristic as convenient as that is combined with a product like heat exchangers, which are already energy efficient, process quickly with high productivity rates and are vital to the health of many industrial and residential products such as boilers, chemical processing machines, air conditioners, oil rigs, a variety of marine vehicles, automobiles, manufacturing systems and water treatment systems, then the choice is inevitable....

  • Spiral Heat Exchangers Best of All Time

    A spiral heat exchanger consists of flat surfaces or tubing that is coiled up inside of a round metal device. These are then arranged within the device to counter flow one another. This arrangement of the metal strips allow for a hot and cold channel which are both leak proof. The wall of each channel is where the heat transfer actually takes place. Because of the spiraling of the surfaces with the coils wrapped around one another, this is where this kind of heat exchanger gets its name. Some of...

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Spiral Heat Exchangers

A spiral heat exchanger is a type of shell and tube heat exchanger design (https://www.iqsdirectory.com/shell-and-tube-heat-exchangers) that consists of a spiral body made from two flat surfaces, typically metal strips, which are coiled to form two spiral channels. Commonly used for applications including digester heating, pasteurization, heat recovery, pre-heating and effluent cooling, spiral heat exchangers offer the benefit of increased floor space due to their relatively compact size.

A spiral heat exchanger may be in a helically configured pattern, or it may be two coiled flat panels creating a counter-flow. Typically used in the heating of liquids that contain solids, spiral heat exchangers tend to get dirty more quickly than other types of tube heat exchangers. However, spiral heat exchangers offer a single-flow path and rotary current that creates a self cleaning effect. The self cleaning effect initiates a low pressure drop and allows the spiral heat exchanger to easily dislodge blockages. This allows spiral heat exchangers to keep clean fairly easily, despite the particle-laden materials they heat, for example sludge or slurries. Spiral plate heat exchangers serve engineering and process industries as well as ethanol, alcohol, food processing, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, chemical, wastewater treatment and mining.

Inside of the tubular outer casing of the spiral heat exchanger, there are two long metal strips with welded-on spacer studs. The strips are rolled or coiled around a central core in order to form a spiral body that contains two evenly spaced single-passage channels. It is similar to the placing of plates in plate heat exchangers to increase the surface area. Next, the alternate sides of each of the channels are welded and two flat or conical gasket covers are bolted over the sides of the spiral body to complete the construction. The covers ensure that the fluids in the spiral heat exchanger will not mix. There are three main ways in which fluids will flow in a spiral heat exchanger. Countercurrent flow is when both fluids flow in opposing directions. Spiral heat exchangers with this type of flow are typically mounted vertically to condense vapor and mounted horizontally to handle high levels of solid particles. Spiral flow/cross flow is when one fluid is in spiral flow and the other fluid is in cross flow. This type of flow requires spiral heat exchangers to have spiral flow passages welded on each side. Distributed vapor/spiral flow is typically mounted vertically for the sub-cooling of condensate and non-condensable fluids. In this type of flow, the coolant moves in a spiral and discharges out of the top, while hot gases are discharged as a condensate out of the bottom.

Spiral Heat Exchangers
Spiral Heat Exchangers
Spiral Heat Exchangers - Heat-Exchanger USA
Spiral Heat Exchangers - Heat-Exchanger USA

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