The History of the Steam Engine

The first explorations of steam power began in Ancient Greece. A Greek scholar, inventor, engineer from Alexandria named Hero or Heron documented a device, the aeolipile, considered to be the first form of steam engine. The mechanism consisted of a closed container, similar to a globe or cylinder, with vent tubes connected to its sides. […]

Mechanical Engineering

What is Mechanical Engineering? Mechanical engineering is one of the most interesting disciplines in the engineering field. In essence, it is the study of the motion of objects and systems as they relate to the broad spectrum of modern life. At its center, mechanical engineering studies force, motion, stress, and other factors that influence how […]

The Industrial Revolution

The study of history emphasizes events that have changed the direction of human thinking, beliefs, or have been of such a tragic nature that they stand as center points of world and personal histories. Though they were major items of interest to the world, they crept into our homes and lives altering how we live. […]