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For over four decades Houston Gear USA, Inc., has been at the forefront of gear manufacturing. Our expertise lies in crafting a diverse range of gears tailored to meet the intricate needs of various industries.

From the precision of spur gears to the efficiency of helical gears and the complexity of double helical and herringbone gears, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive gear solutions. Our lineup includes spline gears, straight bevel gears, sprocket gears, ratchet gears, serration gears, keyway gears, and the reliability of worm and worm gears.

Our gears find their place in a wide range of industries, from the skies with Private and Commercial Aircraft, to the critical realm of Medical Devices. We serve the Aerospace and Defense sectors with dedication, providing gears that withstand the rigors of demanding environments. Moreover, our gears play integral roles in powering Oil and Gas Rigs, Actuators, Mining operations, Farming Tractors, Large Boats, and an array of After Market Parts.

At Houston Gear USA, Inc., we are committed to precision, reliability, and innovation, ensuring that each gear we produce meets the highest standards of quality and performance. With our dedication to excellence and decades of experience, we continue to drive forward, meeting the ever-evolving needs of industries worldwide.

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