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  • Mobile, AL

    Our plastic fabrication systems are made from the markets highest quality innovations. The plastics we design are integrated with the best materials available. It is our goal to be your stress-free provider of plastic products. Just let us know your application and we can handle the rest! We create pre-tested plastics to ensure the durability and flexibility. Visit our website to learn more!

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  • Fort Wayne, IN

    At Park Plastic Products our main focus is manufacturing custom fabricated tanks from polypropylene and co-polymer. Chemical rinse tanks, dip tanks, anodizing tanks, tank liners, air purification tanks, drip pans and custom rolled polypropylene tanks are available to be built to your size and specifications. Whether you are storing ambient temperature liquids or high temperature liquids, chemical storage tanks are not a problem for Park Plastic Products.

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  • Sheboygan, WI

    Experts in unique custom plastic extrusion products and complex secondary fabrications, Northland Plastics specializes in custom plastic profile extrusions such as extruded plastic tubing, rigid plastic profiles and flexible plastic profiles. Call Northland Plastics, Inc. for all your extrusion needs.

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  • Evansville, IN

    We are a global supplier of plastic solutions. Our company takes pride in saying we are ISO 9000:2008 certified. We have set the standard of creativity and productivity in our industry. Our plastic fabrication systems are designed to improve your facility and work zones. As a leading developer we wish to create the most affordable solutions. Please visit our website to learn more information!

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  • Huntington Station, NY

    Comco Plastics, Inc. offers precision machined plastic and custom fabrication including vacuum forming and plastic parts. We have highly skilled machinists and an array of CNC equipment available. Pellet to part manufacturing capabilities. From R&D to applications, we have the experience you need.

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Plastic Machining Industry Information

Plastic Machining

The term "plastic machining" refers to any process that takes plastic material and forms into a predetermined shape and size. Typically, plastic machining works by removing material, not adding it. This type of machining is known as subtractive manufacturing. However, sometimes the machining does involve adding material, such as a coating. This type of machining is known as additive manufacturing.

Some common types of plastic machining include: CNC plastic machining, drilling, milling and turning. Examples of others include: laser cutting, electro discharge machining (EDM) and waterjet cutting.

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Types of Plastic Machining

CNC Plastic Machining
Most plastic machining systems fall under the CNC machining category. CNC, computer numerical control, technology is that equipment and software that allows machinists to program systems. CNC technology makes machining faster, more precise, more efficient and less expensive.
Drilling Presses
During drilling, machinists create or perfect holes in the workpiece. Usually, they use drill presses to do this, but sometimes they use mills or lathes. Drill presses feature a cutting mechanism that rotates rapidly as it descends on the plastic piece.
Plastic Milling
Milling involves rotating automated or semi-automated cutting tools around a workpiece. Plastic milling can be done completely independent of operators, saving manufacturers time and money.
Lathe Turning
Turning, sometimes called lathe turning, is essentially the opposite of milling. It involves using a lathe to turn a plastic workpiece as cutting tools move against it.

Some of the many industries that rely on plastic machining are: electronics, healthcare, instrumentation, construction, semiconductor, sports and recreation, food and beverage, appliance, automotive and aerospace.

Benefits of Plastic Machining

While metal manufacturing is a more traditional process than plastic machining, plastic machining is rapidly outpacing it because of rising metal prices. On top of that, the switch to plastic machining tends to reduce waste, weight, the time and costs associated with design change, and operation costs in general. Don’t forget, when machinists save money, they can pass those savings along to their customers.

Plastic Formulas

To carry out their designs, machinists may use countless standard and custom plastic formulas. Among the most common are: PVC, PTFE, PEEK, ABS, acrylic, acetol, HDPE, LDPE and more. For those who are interested, most manufacturers also offer eco-friendly options. Because manufacturers can alter plastic properties before machining them, the possibilities with plastic machining are virtually endless.