ISO Cleanroom Standards in Minnesota

IQS Directory provides you with the information you need to make an educated cleanroom purchase. We offer a full description for each of the ISO classes and how they correlate with and expand on the earlier FS209E standards. With this information, you can fully understand the types of features and advantages each class and type of cleanroom offers. Our breakdown of the ISO cleanroom standards will help you determine which class of cleanroom is most appropriate for your needs and will help keep your cleanrooms up to these standards. Whatever your cleanroom needs may be, IQS Directory will help you find the right solution!

  • ISO Cleanroom Standards Companies Serving Minnesota

  • Rush City, MN

    A leading manufacturer of high-quality cleanroom equipment such as workstations, portable cleanrooms and laminar flow workstations, La Calhene serves industries such as health care, food and beverage, nuclear and electronics. Call La Calhene today for more information about our products!

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  • Minnetonka, MN

    Production Automation Corporation has been a distributor of products for general industrial manufacturing since 1973. We specialize in providing items used in electronic assembly and medical device manufacturing. As a manufacturer's representative, we have a large line of products such as anti fatigue mats, safety wear, chairs, cleaners, hand tools, microscopes, cabinets, workbenches and more.

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  • ISO Cleanroom Standards Companies Serving Wisconsin

  • Sheboygan, WI

    The Sheboygan, Wisconsin, location of Hygienic Fabrics & Filters maintains an ISO Class 6-compliant clean room for food, medical, filtration, and electronic components. Clean rooms are well isolated and controlled to prevent contamination. We can assemble, package, die cut, custom slit, subassemble, and heat seal in the clean room. Clean room die cutting combines the speed and precision of die cutting with reduced contamination.

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  • ISO Cleanroom Standards Companies Serving Ontario

  • Hamilton, ON

    Soper's Engineered Fabric Solutions designs and manufactures softwall systems that present an excellent alternative to their rigid wall counterparts. Applications include cleanrooms and clean tunnels. Our enclosures are easy to assemble, dismantle and relocate.

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  • Ottawa, ON

    When contamination control is of the utmost importance, contact us for a custom Rapid Lock Hardwall/Softwall cleanroom. These portable clean rooms meet ISO 4-7 standards, Class 10-10,000. Other custom equipment, HEPA filters, laminar flow hoods and clean air workstations are here also.

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  • Barrie, ON

    Since 1983, Environmental Systems Corporation has partnered with our clients to Design / Build & Maintain ISO Class 4 to Class 8 Cleanrooms for Aerospace, Automotive, Educational, Electronic, Photonic, Pharmaceutical and Biological Safety Laboratory applications. ISO 9001:2000 Registered.

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