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  • Fraser, MI 800-842-5377

    It is our mission to provide our customers with products that will last a lifetime! Since our inception we have been offering outstanding customer service and that is a tradition that we strive to continue long into the future! Our engineers and technicians are dedicated to working closely with you to come up with custom hydraulic pump solutions that will solve even your most challenging issues. Visit our website today to learn more about what we can do for you!

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  • Conroe, TX 936-494-2000

    Having innovative solutions for mission-critical applications makes Hydraulics Technology the preferred. For over 25 years, our impressive list of hydraulic pumps has met the needs of various applications. In assuring the highest quality products to our customers and meeting their expectations, Hydraulics Technology maintains ISO Certification. HTI is ISO 9001:2008 Certified.

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  • New Haven, CT 860-631-3618

    Industrial Flow Solutions is a trusted manufacturer of hydraulic pumps and centrifugal pumps. We pride ourselves on our high-quality products and personalized customer service. Various industries we serve include industrial, food & beverage, and medical. All of our products are tested to ensure quality and durability.

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  • Muncie, IN 800-367-7867

    Since 1935, Muncie® Power Products has been a leading source of mobile power components to the truck equipment industry. In addition to Power Take-Offs and hydraulic pumps, Muncie offers directional, pressure and flow control valves as well as system design capabilities. Call us today or visit our website for more information.

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Hydraulic Ram Pump Industry Information

Hydraulic Ram Pump

Hydraulic ram pumps are cyclic devices that use the power of water, known as hydropower, to move water to an elevation higher than its original source. The momentum of falling or moving water is all that is needed to run this hydraulic pump variety.

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Industries Using Hydraulic Ram Pumps

Ram pumps are popular hydraulic pump varieties, particularly among other hydraulic water pumps. Hydraulic ram pumps can be utilized to transfer water in many different industries:

  • Agricultural
  • Waste Management
  • Sewage
  • Plumbing
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing

Benefits and Drawbacks of Hydraulic Ram Pumps


The use of hydropower rather than an external source of energy to run this particular type of pump makes them a popular option in developing countries, where access to the electricity and fuel that are used to power motorized pumps can be scarce.

The use of hydropower significantly cuts energy costs for industrial plants and factories.

With only two moving parts, installation is relatively easy in areas where water is free-flowing or falling.

The amount of water and the rate of falls have a significant impact on the success of the pump. A small amount of water that undergoes a significant fall can transport as much liquid through the delivery pump, as can a larger amount of water with a lesser fall. It is important to consider this when selecting both the water source and the location of a pump.

Other Considerations:

  • Size
  • Length
  • Diameter
  • Maximum Flow Rates
  • Minimum Flow Rates
  • Operating Speeds


Only about 10% of the water used to run the pump reaches the intended endpoint.

Parts of Hydraulic Ram Pumps

A Waste Valve
A Delivery Valve
An Inlet Drive Pipe
Pressure Vessel
Delivery Pipe
The length of the pipes varies, though the length of the drive pump should be five to twelve times the vertical distance the water must travel.
Stainless Steel
Pipe Manufacturing
A process known as plate rolling is used to manufacture the pipes for hydraulic ram pumps. The valves are made of compatible metal components and often have rubber rings to allow for an airtight seal when closed.

Operations of Hydraulic Ram Pumps

The hydraulic ram pump follows a fairly simple order of operation, which repeats as needed to supply the necessary amount of water to the delivery pipe.

  • The water first flows through the drive pipe, at the end of which is the waste valve. Initially, the waste valve is open.
  • As water flows through the pipe by the force of gravity, it builds up speed and kinetic energy.
  • This applies pressure to the waste valve, eventually closing it and creating a water hammer, or pressure surge resulting from the sudden stop.
  • The force of this surge opens the delivery check valve, and the water flows through the pressure chamber and delivery pipe.
  • The pressure in the pump then falls, the delivery valve closes, the waste valve reopens and the cycle repeats.

While the pressure chamber is not an essential component, it provides a more constant flow than pump systems that do not include the chamber.

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