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  • Sellersville, PA 888-218-6366

    Since our beginning in 1967, we have had experience designing, manufacturing and distributing the highest quality braided ropes and cords. Braided ropes and cordage are produced in all common fibers. With fibers such as cotton, nylon and polypropylene and hi-tech fibers such as Kevlar®, CSR, a rope manufacturer, is sure to get you the rope you need, in various constructions and finishes.

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  • Emporia, VA 434-634-4142

    At Franklin Braid, we are passionate about the art and science of ropes. We have earned our reputation as a premier provider of an extensive range of ropes. Our extensive product range, customization options, and commitment to quality are the cornerstones of our success. Whether you need ropes for nautical adventures, industrial applications, or recreational pursuits, we have the ideal solution. Contact us today and experience the Franklin Braid difference.

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  • Covington, KY 800-837-7477

    Atkins & Pearce is a leading producer of precision engineered textiles and plastic tubing. For 200 years we have been innovators known for meeting our customers’ needs quickly and precisely. Our product line includes options for wick, yarn, cord, and sleeving products. We are able to meet your color, slip control, ultra-violet light resistant and chemical adhesion needs. Visit today!

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  • Biddeford, ME 800-788-7673

    We are a manufacturer of high quality rope that is used in a variety of applications including arbor, climbing, guiding, industrial safety, rope rescue, work access and OEM. We are committed to innovative processes and product development. Call or visit us online today for me detailed information. We look forward to working with you soon!

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  • Miami, FL 305-592-3750

    Sunshine Cordage manufactures and distributes synthetic rope. Our product consists of stranded rope available in 3, 8, & 12; solid braided and double braided rope, mooring lines, specialty rope and twines available in polypropylene and polyester. We offer ropes in many materials such as nylon, polyethylene, and manila. Sunshine’s ropes serve many applications and industries including agriculture, marine, industrial, mining, fishing, military, and general purpose. Call us today.

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  • Fargo, ND 800-217-8925

    Whether you need rope for heavy pulling or everyday decoration, Hercules Bulk Ropes can help. Since 1975, Hercules Bulk Ropes supplies the highest quality rope at competitive prices. We want to be your number one source for all your rope needs. Our prices will entice you, but our customer-friendly service and expertise will keep you coming back again and again!

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High Strength Ropes Industry Information

High Strength Ropes

What is a rope? To answer that in simple words, a rope is a mere collection of strands, fiber, and yarns joined to form a long structure. Having twists and braids in their structure, these ropes become stronger and more resistant to external conditions into what we can call “High-strength ropes.”

Braided Kevlar

High-strength ropes find their use in dragging and lifting. Not only this but since prehistoric times, humans have experimented with different materials and techniques to make robust and flexible ropes. Natural Fibers are one of the oldest materials to be used in making ropes. In the 1950s, synthetic fibers also started getting employed for the preparation of high-strength ropes.

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Classification of High-Strength Ropes

There are many different types of high strength ropes. Broadly, these are categorized into two different types based on the nature of the material used in manufacturing:

Natural High-Strength Ropes
Made from natural material and the by-products formed during their manufacturing are environmentally-friendly. Natural fibers used include cotton, hemp, sisal, etc. These types of high-strength ropes show exceptional performance under high-temperature conditions. However they are prone to damage if exposed to a moist environment.
Synthetic Fiber High-Strength Ropes
Ropes made from synthetic fibers such as nylon, polyester, polypropylene, vectran, and aramids are called synthetic fiber high-strength ropes. High-strength ropes are relatively 30% stronger than the natural ropes. Unlike natural high-strength ropes, many of these ropes are not affected by wet conditions. They also offer good performance when exposed to UV rays or other organic solvents. However high-temperature environments can cause damage to them.

Types of High-Strength Ropes

Raw materials are treated and processed into a final product. But the final product of a rope differs based on it’s applications. Following are some of the types of end products of high strength ropes:

Single Braid Ropes
Have a frim braid rather than a twist and are suitable to be used for lifting heavy weights and in pulleys due to their brilliant durability.
Plaited Ropes
Have a coarser texture and have a square braid in their structure. These ropes are very strong but because all the strands are twisted around the core.
Twisted Ropes
Find their application in towing or in dock lines. These ropes are one of the strongest high-strength ropes out there as they are prepared by twisting or coiling three strands in the same direction, making them perfect for a firm grip.
Hollow Ropes
Hollow from within. Being lightweight, they can be used for ski towing and anchor lines because of their water-resistant nature.
Diamond-Braid Ropes
Expensive compared to other high-strength ropes because of their elegant structure that is neatly and firmly woven. Moreover, these ropes show the efficient performance of resistance and strength under extreme application of stress.
Types of Rope Construction

Applications of High-Strength Ropes

The wide range of variations in their structure makes them suitable for a lot of applications. Due to their flexibility, endurance and toughness these can be used for pulling and lifting, hunting, as pulleys, in dock lines, marine operations, swimming-lane barriers, fishing lines, sheet preparation, shock absorbers, climbing, paragliding, body armor, etc.