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  • Hackensack, NJ

    Master Bond formulates high quality adhesive systems to help engineers meet specific requirements for their bonding, sealing, coating and encapsulation applications. The product line consists of epoxies, silicones, UV curable and LED curable systems that feature outstanding performance properties.

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  • Quakertown, PA

    We are a leading manufacturer of hot melts, water-based adhesives, cohesives, and Dextin.. We work to make sure that all of our customers are satisfied and get exactly what they need! From Automotive to Paper Converting or nearly any conceivable application, we are the adhesive solutions company. We put you and your company first! For more information, give us a call today!

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  • St. Louis, MO

    We hold North American manufacturing together with our adhesives! We have presences in Seattle, Portland, Spokane, Houston, Dallas, Tulsa, Chicago and many others so that we will be where you need us, always! Our motto states that “We strive for insanely happy customers,” and that’s exactly what the kind of commitment to excellence that we will bring to you. For more information on what we my able able to do for you visit our website today!

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  • Easthampton, MA

    We produce top of the line work when it comes to the adhesive industry! We make sure that we product a high-quality product for world class customers! Formed by the unification of Stik-II Products and Dielectric Polymers, we are now your trusted single source for everyday and custom adhesive solutions. From Aerospace to Windows or nearly any conceivable application, we are the adhesive solutions company. Call today to speak to one of our reps!

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  • Rochester, MI

    Our skilled engineers and technicians will work closely with you in order to provide you a product that will fit your unique applications! Our laminating adhesives are among the best in the industry and we want to prove it to you! We pay extra attention to our customers in order to ensure that we are exceeding customer expectations at every turn. To learn more about how we may benefit you visit us online today!

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Epoxy Adhesives Industry Information

Epoxy Adhesives

Epoxy adhesives are tough structural epoxies with both environmental and chemical resistance. They are used to join components in a variety of industries, and they are widely used because of their bonding strength and durability. These adhesives are used in many applications, from model-making to heavy industrial applications, such as automobile manufacturing.

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Applications of Epoxy Adhesives

Epoxy adhesives are available in many chemical compositions and often have additives that increase strength, change viscosity, waterproof the adhesive, reduce shrinkage, conduct or insulate the adhesive, resist chemicals, and adapt to high or low temperatures. It can also securely and permanently adhere to wood, metal, and plastic alike. All of these characteristics make epoxy adhesives incredibly popular in many settings. In the automotive industry epoxies are used to coat engines and transformers. The aerospace industry uses epoxy resins to protect and strengthen the hulls of planes. Boats are also coated with epoxy adhesive varnish to keep the metal plates from rusting and deteriorating in the water. The woodcrafting industry employs the adhesive for aesthetics as well as its protective properties. Fiber wires can be mended with epoxies as well, making electronic companies very happy. These are just a few examples of the many industries and applications in which epoxy adhesives are necessary.

Material Properties of Epoxy Adhesives

Epoxies may consist of one component that hardens by contact with surface moisture or dual components that use other curing methods. This curing may be accomplished using heat, UV light, visible light, radiation, and chemical reaction. Heat induced curing is straightforward; the substance is heated till molten and then allowed to cool to hardness. This is how hot melt adhesives work. Ultraviolet light and radiation are sometimes used instead of heat to initiate the curing process, which then hardens the adhesive as the light or radiation is removed. Occasionally, ultraviolet adhesives will bond simultaneously with the ultraviolet treatment. Chemical reaction curing can happen by way of the epoxy doing something as simply as being swirled with another substance or being subjected to moisture or natural light. Dual component epoxies consist of a resin and a hardener or activator combined to react and cure into a polymerized bond. Dual component epoxies are mixed, and then immediately applied to the surfaces being bonded.

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Toughened NASA Low Outgassing Epoxy Derived from Sustainable Ingredients

    Master Bond Supreme 70CN is a two part epoxy adhesive formulated using a natural, renewable and sustainable ingredient. This moderate viscosity unfilled epoxy is black in color and can be utilized for bonding, sealing, coating and potting. As a toughened system, it resists thermal cycling and is ideal for bonding dissimilar substrates. “As part of Master Bond’s sustainability drive, this product offers the advantage of lowering the carbon footprint. At the same time, it does not compromise performance and features a high tensile strength of over 10,000 psi... Read More About This