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  • Owosso, MI

    Since our inception, SAKOR has led the market in the development of data acquisition and controls technology. For over 29 years, we have been providing quality products and superior customer service to a variety of markets including marine, automotive, aerospace, military, applicances, and more. We ask questions so we can find out what it is that you really need. Contact SAKOR today!

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  • East Greenwich, RI

    Dewetron data acquisition instruments feature MULTI-DOMAIN measurement capability. That means that they handle not only analog sensors of every type, but also you can record VIDEO, CAN BUS, 1553, PCM data, ARINC data ... and more.

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  • Bourne, MA

    Onset offers a wide range of USB-based stand-alone data loggers for indoor, outdoor, and underwater monitoring applications. Well suited for rapid deployment, our battery-powered data loggers and weather stations are used to measure a wide range of parameters including temperature, wind, humidity, and many others.

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  • Indianapolis, IN

    Custom data acquisition systems are engineered and fabricated by our expert staff. We also make data acquisition product to convey temperature and stress information from engines; rotating equipment or machinery; engine combustors; gas pipeline turbines; or what applies to your application.

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Data Recorders

Data recorders are data acquisition systems that receive, analyze, and store information received from various instruments. Data recorders work in conjunction with measurement devices, transducers, and computer software to process information. They can be used for a variety of applications, depending primarily on the measurements being recorded.

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Applications of Data Recorders

Common measurement devices used in data recorders include thermometers, barometers, and scales, to name a few. Instruments can also be used to measure the speed of flow, intensity of light, humidity, or pressure. These devices measure and monitor conditions; their data is then converted into an electronic signal that can be understood by a computer. The computer converts this data into a digital form that can later be analyzed by specially designed software. Data recorders can be found in many different environments, serving various functions. Museums and food storage facilities, for instance, rely on specialized data recorders to maintain a constant temperature level. They are also used to control test conditions, activate safety alarms, and regulate temperature in sensitive environments. Data recorders enable manufacturers to monitor their equipment and to make any necessary adjustments.


New Borescopes with Hyperion Probes from PCE Instruments

The manufacturer and supplier of high-quality measurement technology, PCE Instruments, has done a lot recently to increase their product portfolio by including some highly professional borescopes. The former PCE-VE series of industrial inspection cameras has been improved and expanded by some additional devices and is now called the PCE-VE N series. These borescopes can also be purchased with a special Hyperion probe with a 2-way, 4-way or 360 ° camera head. These Hyperion cables can be purchased optionally and are included in the standard delivery of the PCE-VE HR series. One... Read More About This

Coping with Specialty Fluids for Hydraulic Testing #5: Cold Fluid Temperature Testing

This is the fifth in a series of articles outlining the system requirements and considerations when using specialty fluids for product test stands. This issue is the last in this series and will address Low Temperature Testing considerations. Temperature Testing One of the most stringent types of Servo Hydraulic Fluid Testing is high- and low- temperature testing. Some of our customers, and even many of our competitors, have fallen into the troublesome task of designing and building a test system to test at either a high temperature or a low... Read More About This

Introducing WTI’s New Hydraulics Test Expert Jim Warner

 At Wineman Technology, we’re committed to building the best test cells using servo-hydraulics, dynamometers, and data acquisition and control systems. This year we are focused specifically in growing our hydraulic test expertise. With more than 30 years of experience working with fluid power based test systems, Jim Warner now joins the Wineman Technology team as our Hydraulic System Specialist, as well as Midwest Sales Engineer. With such a wealth of knowledge in this vertical market of hydraulics, Jim will be assisting our worldwide technical... Read More About This