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  • Owosso, MI 989-720-2700

    Since our inception, SAKOR has led the market in the development of data acquisition and controls technology. For over 29 years, we have been providing quality products and superior customer service to a variety of markets including marine, automotive, aerospace, military, applicances, and more. We ask questions so we can find out what it is that you really need. Contact SAKOR today!

  • Bourne, MA 800-564-4377

    Onset offers a wide range of USB-based stand-alone data loggers for indoor, outdoor, and underwater monitoring applications. Well suited for rapid deployment, our battery-powered data loggers and weather stations are used to measure a wide range of parameters including temperature, wind, humidity, and many others.

  • Seal Beach, CA 562-493-0158

    Diversified Technical Systems, Inc. (DTS) designs and manufactures data acquisition systems and sensors for the experienced test professional. For over 20 years, DTS has been known for small, embedded data acquisition systems capable of high speed sampling rates that are shockworthy to withstand high impact test environments.

  • Los Angeles, CA 877-782-2329

    PTC Instruments is a leading manufacturer of durometers and surface thermometers as well as data loggers and data acquisition software. We are an A2LA-accredited laboratory for durometer calibration. All PTC® Products are proudly made in the U.S.A.

  • Milwaukee, WI 414-755-0040

    Providing state-of-the-art data recorders with 50 years of hands-on experience. Our recorder products are designed for testing, research, preventative maintenance, development, and many other applications. We believe in providing precise solutions to meet our customers’ unique needs. Contact us today to let us know how we can help you get started!

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Data Recorders

Data recorders are data acquisition systems that receive, analyze, and store information received from various instruments. Data recorders work in conjunction with measurement devices, transducers, and computer software to process information. They can be used for a variety of applications, depending primarily on the measurements being recorded.

Common measurement devices used in data recorders include thermometers, barometers, and scales, to name a few. Instruments can also be used to measure the speed of flow, intensity of light, humidity, or pressure. These devices measure and monitor conditions; their data is then converted into an electronic signal that can be understood by a computer. The computer converts this data into a digital form that can later be analyzed by specially designed software. Data recorders can be found in many different environments, serving various functions. Museums and food storage facilities, for instance, rely on specialized data recorders to maintain a constant temperature level. They are also used to control test conditions, activate safety alarms, and regulate temperature in sensitive environments. Data recorders enable manufacturers to monitor their equipment and to make any necessary adjustments.

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