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  • 4 Uses for Titanium Dioxide

    Titanium dioxide is the powdered form of titanium. The powder is actually naturally-occurring in the earth, and the process of harvesting and mining the powder is not expensive or challenging. This makes buying titanium dioxide much cheaper than solid titanium metal, which requires an extensive purification process to isolate and refine the metal. In fact, it is the refining process, and not the scarcity of the metal, that makes titanium metal so expensive. If you are buying titanium oxide, it has uses in the following areas: Semiconductors: The powder is...

  • Tips for Buying Titanium Jewelry

    Recently, the use of titanium in jewelry has risen. Titanium is popular in jewelry, mostly for men, because the metal is tough, scratch-resistant, long-lasting, and somewhat inexpensive to purchase. If you decide that you want to buy titanium jewelry piece, follow the tips outlined below to ensure you choose the best titanium jewelry for your needs: Size: Titanium rings come in a variety of sizes and widths to match nearly any taste. One thing to remember when purchasing a titanium ring is that if your finger grows or shrinks, you...

  • Buy Titanium: 5 Unusual Uses for

    Titanium is a highly versatile metal that is stronger than steel, more durable than iron, and more flexible than many other tough metals. Titanium is an expensive metal, because it is not found in metal form in nature. To transform the natural form of titanium oxide into usable metal, a series of expensive processes and other metals are necessary to help the metal solidify. Because of the high expense, titanium is often used in small amounts. However, even with the high price, titanium is used everywhere from aircraft panels to...

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Distributors, retailers, manufacturers and metal finishing industries buy titanium in varying stages of fabrication. These can include mill products or completed parts. Titanium metal is an extremely strong, low density and highly corrosion resistant substance that is sought after in a variety of industries for these physical properties.

In its pure form, titanium is comparably the same strength as steel and yet 45% lighter, and it is twice as strong as aluminum and copper with only a 60% increase in volume. Additionally, titanium is very ductile and has good electrical conductivity, features which allow its use in military, medical, automotive, aerospace, desalinization, petrochemical, chemical and food processing, transit, agricultural, construction, electrical and paper and pulp industries. Depending upon specific needs, titanium can be bought in mill product form or in more finished stages of production. Mill products offer a wide range of stock shapes such as titanium bars, rods, sheets, plates, and foils which may then undergo secondary processing as needed. Alternatively, suppliers offer finished products such as titanium pipes and tubing which come ready for installation. While pure titanium is used in either case, it is extremely hard which adds difficulty and expense to fabrication. For this reason, many companies offer titanium alloys, the mixed composition of which retains many of the desirable characteristics of pure titanium but is more manageable.

Although titanium is the ninth most abundant element, making up 0.57% of the Earth's crust, it is never found in pure form. Instead, titanium is found in ores, or mineral deposits, such as Rutile, Ilmenite and Sphene. The most common extraction technique is the Kroll method. This involves forming titanium tetrachloride through fractional distillation. This substance is then reduced to useable metallic titanium using magnesium. The resulting highly porous yield is referred to as a sponge. The titanium sponge may then be melted or pressed into castings which form foil, sheets, wire, granules, bars or powders that, pure or alloyed, are distributed to manufacturers. Hot or cold forming, flat rolling, extrusion, welding, machining, casting, wrought, forging and spinning processes can be used individually or in conjunction with other techniques to transform stock shapes into final products. Manufacturing companies buy either plating anodes, which are used in plating or electroplating processes, or sacrificial anodes, which are used to protect base structures. While size and production processes are important considerations, titanium grades should be regarded to ensure the proper alloy or pure metal is selected for a given task. Quality monitoring and testing are often inherent in the production of titanium products, and certification is commonly provided upon purchase of titanium.

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