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  • Calabasas, CA 866-317-0208

    CNC Machining of high precision commercial grade parts for the electronics industry. We sell high precision Commercial Grade CNC Machine Parts. Such as Swiss Screw Machining, 5 Axis CNC Lathe Machining, Vertical Milling, Horizontal Milling, and 4 Axis CNC Machining. CNC Lathe and Swiss Screw Machine parts range in size from .020” to 9.0" diameter. CNC Mill parts fit within one square foot roughly. Tolerances held vary from +-.001" to ±0.0004".

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  • Greeneville, TN 423-638-1284

    With nearly 40 years industry experience, we have what it takes to satisfy your every need. We are committed to our CNC machining quality, as our ISO 9001:2008 certification shows. We can offer a superior level of service and quality thanks to our innovative techniques and commitment to customers! It is our goal to ensure that we offer precisely what you need. Find out more on our website!

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  • Reed City, MI 231-832-2356

    H & R is a custom manufacturer of high volume superior parts, providing CNC machining for tight tolerance and also lower volume applications too. H & R offers turning of diameters up to eight inches and can fabricate brass, steel, stainless steel, aluminum and many materials that are very difficult to produce with conventional screw equipment. Please call H & R today.

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  • Detroit, MI 313-366-4120

    Detroit Edge Tool Company is an industry-leading machine tool components manufacturer that offers CNC machining, drilling, and precision grinding. Detroit Edge Tool also manufactures linear motion components and has 135 years of experience. Industries served include machine tool, aerospace, steel mill, and automation industries.

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  • Brentwood, NY 800-238-3929

    Thuro Metal Products is a CNC machining service provider. Our expertise is in the utilization of CNC controlled turning and milling machines as well as multi-spindle, single spindle, and Swiss screw machines. We are an ISO 9001:2000 and QS9000 world-class quality standards company, and the industries we serve include aerospace, automotive, and defense. To learn more about our services, contact Thuro today!

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5 Axis CNC Machining Industry Information

5 Axis CNC Machining

The word CNC stands for Computer Numerically controlled machines. These machines have a mechanism to use computer systems in terms of G and M codes, due to which human intervention can be minimized as much as possible. During CNC machining, a worker is required to develop a code using cam software for the part to be machined and then for only placing and removing the workpiece from the machine.

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What is 5-Axis CNC Machining?

A 5-axis CNC machine involves an additional 2-axis rather than just the traditional X, Y, and Z-axis.

In 3-axis CNC machining, the machining is done in only three directions X, Y, and Z. But when we talk about the five axes, two rotational axes are also involved. These can be created by adding a tilt or rotation to either the work holder or the tool spindles themselves and can be termed the A and B axis. By involving these two axes, the workpiece can also be machined in a rotating direction. Thus five operations can be performed simultaneously on 5-axis CNC machines.

During 5 axis machining, 5 parts involving the same manufacturing operations can be manufactured at the end of each cycle because the tool can approach the workpiece in five axes. All these parts will have the same specifications and greater precision.

The 5 Axes

The Horizontal Axis
The Vertical Axis
The Axis Parallel to the Tool Spindle
A and B Axis
These Axes Rotated with Reference to the X and Y Axis

Types of 5 Axis Machines

  • Drop Swivel Head
  • Drop Table
  • Double Swivel Head
  • Double Swivel Table
  • One Swing, One Rotate

Advantages of 5 Axis CNC Machining

5-axis CNC machining enables the machine to perform complicated and detailed work by engaging all five axes at the same time, resulting in the following advantages:

Reduced Manufacturing Time
5-axis machining can perform five operations at a time by working on 5 different axes simultaneously. Thus when a project is completed in a single multidimensional function, it requires fewer setup preparations and manufacturing time.
Machining Complex Shapes
The ability to machine complex shapes is one of the primary benefits of 5 axis machining. The extra movement in the A and B axis can generate angles and arcs, which can only be made by using jigs and fixtures in traditional 3-axis machining.
Improving Tool Life
When 5 axes CNC machining is employed, the tool is given an optimal inclination against the material. Due to this, the chances of collision between the tool and workpiece are reduced, and the axes A and B rotate smoothly, preventing unnecessary tool wear.
Greater Material Removal Rate
In 5-axis machining, the tool remains tangential to the workpiece's surface to be machined. Hence results in shorter cycle times and lower costs. It is because the tool removes more material each time it passes.
Product Variety
When a machine can compensate for more than one function at a time, product variety in a project can be increased because the tool can approach the workpiece in more than 3 axes. So there are more diverse opportunities for product variety.

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