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Why are Web Directories Important?

Why are Web Directories Important?

The Purpose of a Web Directory

A web search involves using a search engine such as Yahoo, Google, Firefox, or Bing. Searchers enter a keyword, slogan or phrase and wait for what the web finds. When the results flash on the screen, it includes millions of websites with information regarding the topic. The sites that have the best information are at the top of the list while minor ones fall to the very bottom several clicks back. Most users get their information from the first page and seldom bother to go any further.

Google Search Results
Google Search Results

This scattergun approach to web searches may be convenient for normal consumers looking for a pair of shoes, a radio, or toy. In most cases, Amazon is at the top of the list with its wide assortment of products. For industrial customers looking for parts or supplies at a reasonable cost, a random search does not have as much benefit. Companies need to find sources that specialize in the products they need. Though a random search will produce a long list of suppliers, it undoubtedly will be the largest companies at the top since they are visited the most.

There is a method for industrial customers to find parts and supplies that exactly fit their needs, and that is a web directory. Though a web directory may sound like a random web search, it has benefits far beyond inserting a word and hoping. Web directories specialize in providing detailed information about every company and service regardless of their size. Companies offering parts are listed in alphabetical order. Specialized key terms are provided so that the user can drill down to exactly what they want at the price they prefer from a company experienced and knowledgeable of the customer’s needs.

A web directory takes a completely different approach to getting information. Instead of doing a random search, a directory takes you immediately to a list of providers. Since it is well organized and convenient, there is little need to read the content of every company. There are brief clear descriptions with pointed information designed to guide customers through providing short detailed information.

In doing a search on a web directory, you can enter the name of a part or supply. The list of companies immediately appears with clear easy to read copy. For example, you want to purchase a hose reel. If you were to enter that on the web, you would end up with several sites offering hose reels for your garden hose. As a firefighter, you aren’t looking for something for your garden. You want something to handle big hoses. If you search the web, you will see the most prominent companies and their prices. Your selection will be limited and will require you to carefully read every page. If you use a web directory, you can enter “hose reel”, which will give you a list of companies. The difference is that key words will be provided so you can click on industrial hose reels, fire hose reels, and specialize to a hose reel dealer near you. The search process will go faster than it took you to read this.

IQS Home Page
IQS Home Page

An exceptional benefit of a web directory is how it benefits little or new businesses. Every person with a specialized product is encouraged to have a web page. It adds credibility to their business and a way to get their name out. The unfortunate part is where they end up on the list of choices when a web search is done, which is way at the bottom. The only way they can move up the list is to have several visitors, multiple keywords, and pay the search engine extra to get a higher position. Developers of web pages will only allow a certain number of keywords. This is also true of search engines. Also, if you are a new business, you most likely don’t have the capital to pay a web search engine for a better position.

There is a solution to the dilemma and that is a web directory. When a small company signs up, they have to pay to have their page placed in the directory. This has been seen in the web directory created by Yahoo. The cost is very manageable and in keeping with the size of the business. The biggest benefit is how things are listed with every other company that produces a product regardless of their size. Small companies are offered the opportunity to put their name next to their largest competitor on an equal footing.

In simple terms, web directories offer everyone an equal chance to compete regardless of any other factors. With the proper key words, the smallest business will find themselves gaining business and building a reputation that would never have been available to them on the web. In a sense, everyone benefits from the customer to the business owner.

The best web directories are intuitive and provide information very quickly at the tip of your fingers. You are able to decide on exactly what you want and can easily find it. Many people avoid searching the internet because of the wide variety of choices. A web directory removes the hassles, confusion, and overload by streamlining the web search process.


How Do You Find a Web Directory?

When searching for a web directory, it is important to know exactly the information you want. Wording is the key. If you are looking for small businesses, you may want to add an extra tag such as directory, list, or website. The beauty of web directories is the number of them that are available. Regardless of the topic, you will be able to find a directory that meets your needs.

IQS List Your Company Page
IQS List Your Company Page

Web directories are a specialized marketing tool for businesses to directly connect with their customers. They remove the frustration of a general web search that can lead to nowhere. Through careful planning and a little creativity, customers can easily find a directory that is designed exactly for the purposes of their business.


The Future of Web Searches

As more people use the internet to purchase goods, the popularity of web directories is going to grow. When customers are planning a purchase, they want a tool that can quickly sort through the tons of information on the web and speed up the ordering process. Easily visible web directories present well organized and orderly information that can take customers to the precise product they want.

The ranking system used by search engines tends to eliminate all of the possibilities and ignores sellers who may have better services but are not easily noticeable. The system forces you to take what it delivers without giving you a choice. Web directories present detailed information with key words to take you to the perfect provider.

Manufacturers are presented in alphabetical order giving customers the opportunity to select the one company they want instead of the only ones provided. The optimization of choice is the beauty of a web directory. We expect to have that ability in our personal lives and should have it in our web searches. Convenience, organization and opportunity are the key benefits of a web directory, the best way to search and find.