Home renovation

Outer wall painting and renovation
Just like a house of 15 years built

The house in which I live now is about 15 years old, but even if it is said that cracks also start to stand out in the exterior and it is said that there is no other inconvenience in living, the look and impression from the outside is also important I raised the heavy waist and asked the renovation company to paint the outer wall. Exterior wall painting, if you listen to the story many opaque parts, there is a possibility that you can get drowned if you say easily, so it is better to take multiple quotes. Certainly, a lot of cases are known for car prices and repair costs, but as ordinary people do not know how much paint costs can be painted on outer walls. For that reason, I got multiple quotes and asked the renovation company that I could trust, although the price was not the lowest price. It seems that paintings are applied from the top as it is when the age of years is new, but when the age of years is old, the painful painting, the outer wall seems to have to be peeled off once, it becomes paint repainting after peeling off the paint by half The cost was about 1.2 million yen. The painting period is about 2 weeks, I do not know whether this is early or late, but I have painted firmly, the outer wall which has been cracked so far looks shabby changed completely, it became as beautiful as newly constructed It was. I first wrote that appearance is not related to living, but it is a pleasant thing if the appearance is beautiful.

Selecting a vendor is important for painting outer wall

When asking a vendor to paint the outer wall, it is important to compare various traders. Whether it will succeed or fail on exterior painting will be decided at the stage of the first trader's selection. If you can ask a good dealer, it will be more successful, but if you ask a vendor who does not have a very high technical capability, the finish will be poor. If we do not collect sufficient information, we can not find the right supplier. The point of choosing a contractor of outer wall painting is the height of the name recognition, the scale of the contractor, and so on. Widely known contractors are doing solid work and getting high evaluation, so there is a sense of security when making a request. Also, if you are a big dealer, you can have a lot of financial resources and work with good quality materials. It is important to gather information from various sites, such as websites and reviews. For those who say that the request for painting outer wall is the first time, it is good to ask the person who has experienced actually painting outer wall to talk. Actual experience stories are very helpful information for those who are planning to make requests from now. When listening to stories, it is not necessary to pay attention not only to the points that were good but also to the points that were not so good.

Think about timing to do renovation

In recent years, more people are thinking about reforming. When thinking about renovation, it is important to think firmly what kind of timing to do. There is no absolute timing. It is good to start talking with the person who lives with you and starting where the opinions agree. However, if you know that the kitchen etc is getting damaged, it is desirable to consider reform as soon as possible. Trying to renovate after the kitchen and others are completely broken will take a long time, and the cost will also increase. As with the kitchen, it is important to make early renovations for parts that you use frequently. If you start work earlier, you will benefit from faster completion of work. It is also possible to slowly plan a renovation. Even though you think that it is easy task by yourself, actual work may take time and effort. In most cases, renovation will cost high costs. For that reason, we need to prepare funds beforehand rather than asking the vendor to renovate suddenly. If you prepare enough after preparing it, you can avoid an unexpected burden.

Confirm price of outer wall painting and ask dealers with confidence

When painting outer walls and performing remodeling, it would be better to use a supplier that is convinced of pricing. When requesting vendors to paint outer walls and renovations, it is necessary to take a quote in advance. After coming to the site and looking at the situation, let me estimate about the concrete outer wall painting price so that I can ask for work with peace of mind. If you do paint outer wall by asking the vendor, you may decide after asking the dealer for an estimate. When asking for an estimate in advance, you should also check the breakdown of specific charges. If you check the details of the estimate, it will become easier to grasp what part the money will cost. If there is no concrete breakdown written, you will be worried that additional charges will be incurred later, but if you have detailed information on the specific price, you will be able to ask with confidence. Checking the price is important when you ask the vendor, but you can rest assured if you do construction work at your own company as well. Being asked for construction by a subcontractor company makes it easier for us to ignore promises in advance or to complain about workers' correspondence. In order to ask you with peace of mind, it would be a good idea to ask a supplier using your craftsman.

What is the time to think about outer wall painting and renovation?

If the atmosphere of the house seems to be old, you need to paint the outer wall and renovate it. Perhaps if you are a person who does not adhere to the look and feel of the house, "If you can live it is not that good". But, which is better for the house looking fun and looking attractive? I think that it is better to look attractive after all. Because it will not be easy to rebuild it because the house is getting old, you can upgrade the appearance and the function of the house by painting the outer wall or renovating in such a case. If that is the case, you can do it by a fraction of the cost of rebuilding, and if you think so, it can be said that it is not bad money. Now the technology of painting and renovating outer walls has also increased considerably, so once you run it the house will be reborn as lily. Sometimes it looks as if it is a new building and the atmosphere, it is safe to think that the meaning of doing it is unexpectedly big. To do that, we have to choose exterior wall painting and remodeling companies with skilled craftsmen, but if you refer to the reputation you should find it easily, and when you feel the atmosphere of the house is old, I would like to do as much as possible.

The work of outer wall painting which is popular in Japan and its evaluation

When talking about the house in many families it will lead to the topic of renovation. I think that I am also worried because I will frequently talk about painting the outer wall from my family. I am seeing introductions in various places with the sense that the outer wall painting of now is popular. I have experienced that popularity by listening to the topic that an acquaintance painted outer wall. At that time I was able to confirm the importance of renovation and the truth of the topic. There was a long ago image that Japanese people use old houses. It comes from the history that Japanese people lived long in traditional houses. I feel that the image is mostly hit, so I feel the need for more renovation. Exterior wall painting is a simple work, but professional efficiency is high. Firstly to paint the house neatly requires advanced skills. As amateurs are dangerous tasks, I think that it is important to find a professional supplier absolutely. In recent years there are places where you can easily see general users' evaluation of outer wall painting. For example, there are personal opinions on remodeling on the bulletin board of the Internet. When you look at them, you can understand the feelings of those who seriously worry about painting outer walls. The interesting thing is that I got a sense of security for the future by painting the outer wall. Renovation is not simply prevalent, there was a real meaning there.

Focus on the number of times of application of the outer wall paint

When you get construction work on the exterior walls, the document will be issued most of the time. It is better for you to confirm that document as it is when you decide on a trader. The most important thing is whether or not a document is issued in the first place. If it is a solid firm, you should be issuing a document. On the contrary, a company with outer wall painting which does not issue a document needs a little care. It is very dangerous for the construction to proceed with just a mouthfeit. As we can not say what we said later, we should have the document issued in the meaning of leaving evidence. On the contrary, those who do not receive a written document should think that it is better to become a bit cautious. It is better to check the number of times of painting etc in that and the document. If it is a proper company, you should paint paint three times. In the case of companies fewer than that, a little care is required. In the case of a company that would end up with so-called twice painting, there is a possibility that the construction is getting dirty as much. And the number of times to paint paint etc is always stated in the document. So when you check the document, how many times you paint the paint should not be overlooked. That will be a trouble prevention later.

How to order painting work on the outer wall of the apartment

When you are ordering painting work on the outer wall of an apartment to a trader, it can be roughly divided into two methods depending on the ordering method. One is to acquire estimates from multiple vendors in a method called a responsible construction method, selecting one of them, leaving all the constructions to that contractor, and the management association and the contractor directly contract with each other It will be. Since windows are unified, if there is a relationship of trust with the trader, there seems to be merit that communication is done smoothly. On the other hand, as a consultant of the management association, the building design office etc. is put in between, the design supervision is made, the design of the construction supervision company construction is made, and the contractor performs construction according to the request There is a method, which is called design management method. For the management association, the design supervision company will do most of the professional work, so the work volume will be comfortable, but since we have a consultant, of course, we will need expenses of design supervision fee . In this respect, although it costs more than the responsibility construction method, professionals will get in between, in terms of the reliability of construction, so the points will probably be upgraded much. In addition, although responsibility construction method was mainstream a long time ago, in recent years, the number of management associations that adopt design supervision method is increasing.

Selecting a contractor

when finding a contractor to paint your outer wall it is important to compare prices. This step could determine the over all cost of this project. choosing a contractor with little experience and a low price can be costly in the long run. The painting period is about 1-2 weeks, so it is important to ask how long it will take each individual contractor this could be an important factor if you want the job done fast. When asking for an estimate in advance, you should also check the breakdown of specific charges. If you check the details of the estimate, it will become easier to grasp what parts of the job will have a higher cost. If there is no concrete breakdown of the charges written, you could be hit with additional charges later. You can upgrade the appearance and the function of the house by painting the outer wall or renovating and you can do it at a fraction of the cost of rebuilding.