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What Is Renewable Energy and Why Is It So Important?

Since the energy crisis of the 1970’s, Americans have been searching for ways to use our natural resources safely and efficiently. And since the release of the documentary An Inconvenient Truth in 2006, buzzwords and catchphrases like global warming, climate

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Are Practical Quantum Computers Coming in 2018?

Bad news. Our computers may be stealing all our power. As technology continues to expand and computers (in all their forms – mobile phones, laptops) continue to be the predominant method of communication, there will come a time when the

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The Energy Of The Future Is Solar Power

Not so long ago, solar power was something of a dream for those who were ahead of the curve in the environmental movement. It appeared to be an option for the wealthy and for those who had committed themselves to

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Manufacturing technology trends that will change your life

As technology continues to make leaps and bounds in all areas of business, manufacturing is also benefiting from technological improvements. And though it may not initially seem this way, these technological improvements have the potential to transform your life. In

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How Blockchain Technology is Changing the World

Since the earliest days of the internet, community and security have been key topics associated with both the growth of the digital age and the difficulty of finding a secure place within it. A noble, albeit elusive goal, the tech

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