Social Media

Off-Site Optimizations

“Off-Site” refers to measures taken outside of the client’s website.

  • IQS® will set up accounts for the client on LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter. IQS® can provide instruction on the creation and maintenance of these accounts and strategies for the client, which the client would then administer.
  • IQS® will write and post an article on IQS® Newsroom featuring the client and a topic of their choice. This article will include a link to the client’s website. IQS® will also promote the article on major social networks.
  • IQS® will post several articles, each with a link to the client’s site embedded in content relevant to the client’s products or services. This content can be generated by the client or by IQS® and such postings can be on a regular basis as determined by the client.
  • IQS® will do postings on client’s social media channels.
  • IQS® will list your company on several b to b websites that will provide a link to your website.

From coding to analysis to research to design and a host of other services, IQS® will work with you as a partner to guide you through the process to make sure that you get the most of out of your investment in Search Engine Marketing.

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