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IQS® is a Google Ad Words Certified Partner. Ad Words certification is a globally recognized stamp of approval that highlights knowledge of the latest Ad Words tools and best practice techniques. IQS® has managed their own site categories for over 14 years so we already know your markets and keywords.

IQS® has been working with companies to manage their pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns for many years, especially in regards to the two big players in the industry: Google Adwords and Bing Ads.

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Benefits of advertising with Pay-Per-Click:
  • You set your maximum daily and monthly budget and cost-per-click (CPC)
  • You are only billed when someone clicks your ad
  • You are in control of what areas you would like your ad to appear
  • You can edit your budget or cost per click anytime
  • Measure the impact of your ad by reviewing reports of keyword or phrase performance
  • Reach people when they are searching for your type of product or service
  • Initial website analysis to quantify pay per click opportunities utilizing keywords provided by customer and managed directly by IQS®.
  • Target and drive qualified visitors to your website by purchasing and managing up to 10 Ad Groups via IQS® & client developed keywords and phrases on Google.
  • Implement, monitor placement, and performance of keywords and phrases on all major search engines
  • Monthly report of activity by keyword, its cost, and average placement
  • Adding/deleting keywords and changing bid levels
  • Adding negative keywords
  • Maximize client’s set PPC budget
  • Google Analytics tracking

A Google AdWords campaign allows your company to reach out to new customers and increase sales by focusing on specific keywords or phrases that are specific to your industry. A Yahoo / Bing Network campaign provides PPC advertising in another valuable marketplace.

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