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Used Dust Collector Suppliers

IQS Directory is a top industrial directory listing of leading used dust collector suppliers and companies. Access our comprehensive index to review and source used dust collector companies with preview ads and detailed product descriptions. These used dust collector companies can refurbish, restore and supply used dust collectors to your specifications and application needs. A quick and easy to use request for quote form is provided for you to contact these used dust collector companies and suppliers. Each company has detailed profile information, locations, phone number, website links, product videos and product information defined. Read customer reviews and product specific news articles. We are the right resource for your information requirement whether it's for a supplier of bag houses, industrial dust collectors, or dust control systems.

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With 20+ years in the industry, Quality Air Management manufactures and supplies the newest, most revolutionary technology available. This includes a wide variety of quality dust collectors in standard and custom configurations. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff boasts over 110 years of combined experience in design, applications and troubleshooting.
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A.C.T. Dust Collectors is a manufacturer of new dust collectors and a distributor for used parts and systems. From small jobs to large jobs, the dust systems of ACT Dust Collectors are designed to handle many applications including welding smoke, grinding, cutting tables, blast applications, sanding, thermal spray, coating, bulk powders and many more processes.
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Offering over 40 years of experience, Bisco Enterprise is an industry leader in dust collector equipment. We offer a wide variety of contaminant management systems and components. We also offer a factory trained support system available to you before and after purchase. Our company will help you design a system that fits your needs. Because we care, we clean the air!
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Since 1938, Aget Manufacturing Company has developed innovative air quality solutions using technology and experience. We specialize in industrial ventilation. Our systems are designed for installation in a wide range of manufacturing plants of various industries nationwide. Our products include dust collection systems, baghouses, cartridge and dust collectors all ensure air filtration and purification.
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CS UNITEC specializes in air pollution control, from design to the manufacturing and installation processes. We pride ourselves in building the highest quality, cost-effective and reliable systems, each designed to meet each of our customer's specific project objectives.
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Spiral Manufacturing Company, Inc. is a leading provider of air pollution solutions to widespread industries. Primarily focused on supplying high velocity, high-pressure systems above and below ground. Spiral is ready to fix your dust and fume problems no matter how large or small. Offering system design and CAD layout and customized portable dust collection systems. Give us a call today!
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Industry Information

Used Dust Collectors

Used dust collectors offer virtually the same benefits that a standard dust collector might offer a workspace as they are generally only resold if they are in working condition. Depending on the state of the dust collector some are restored or refurbished before resale, while others simply need to be clean up. Like any other dust collector, used dust collectors offer the benefit of removing contaminants and harmful particles from the air in a particular area. Finding the right type of dust collector can be tricky, as some of the larger models can be pricy, especially if you will not be utilizing them to their full potential. In order to find the right used dust collector you must first find the right used dust collector supplier or refurbisher. If you're asking yourself if you really need a dust collector in your workplace, you only need to look at what type of machinery you have in your workplace.

If you are utilizing heavy machinery that releases copious amounts of dust or excess particles, such as wood shavings, metal shavings, or other foreign airborne particles, a dust collector may be an excellent investment for your company, and what better investment than a used dust collector which is often much cheaper than a brand new system. Dust collectors use a motor which inhales the air around it. This air is transferred through a filter and then kicked back out into the workplace particle free. The particles will remain in the collection bag until the bag needs replacement. Removing these particles from the air offers a number of advantages such as keeping your workspace clean, allowing for better breathable air, and improves the morale of your workers. There are a number of different dust collector designs and styles some that work on filtering the air of the overall warehouse and other which focus on problem areas which can be mounted directly by a machine that may kick out a lot of excess air particles.

Whatever your need may be, consulting a reliable supplier about the right used dust collector is the best step toward making your facility cleaner and safer. The first time you replace your collection bag, you may be surprised by just how much dust you have been breathing in before you installed your used dust collector.

Used Farr GS 24 dust collector
Used ACT 4-16 dust collector
Used Torit DFO 3-24 Downflo Oval dust collectors
Used Farr GS 24 dust collector - Air Cleaning Technology, Inc.
Used ACT 4-16 dust collector - Air Cleaning Technology, Inc.
Used Torit DFO 3-24 Downflo Oval dust collectors - Air Cleaning Technology, Inc.
Used Torit DFT 3-18 downflo dust collector
used Farr GS 6 dust collector
used Torit 2DF4 Downflo dust collector
Used Torit DFT 3-18 downflo dust collector - Air Cleaning Technology, Inc.
used Farr GS 6 dust collector - Air Cleaning Technology, Inc.
used Torit 2DF4 Downflo dust collector

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