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Stamping Press Manufacturers and Companies

IQS Directory implements a thorough list of stamping press manufacturers and suppliers. Utilize our listing to examine and sort top stamping press manufacturers with previews of ads and detailed descriptions of each product. Any stamping press company can design, engineer, and manufacture stamping presses to meet your companies specific qualifications. An easy connection to reach stamping press companies through our fast request for quote form is provided on our website. The company information includes website links, company profile, locations, phone, product videos and product information. Customer reviews are available and product specific news articles. This source is right for you whether it's for a manufacturer of progressive stamping presses, shaping presses, and metal stamping presses.

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At our company, no press order is too large. We can create stamping presses with weights up to 10,000 pounds and more! We believe in offering sturdy, efficient designs that will provide our customers with just the right solution for the job. We will make sure all of our products meet our standards and yours so you can be happy. Visit our website or give us a call to learn more!
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For over half a century, we have created quality stamping presses for many industries around the world. We make it our goal to remain one of the top suppliers for hydraulic press systems in the world. We have a factory with over 14,000 square feet so we can ensure we get our orders out on time. Find out more about our products and processes online today!
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Our goal is to create high quality stamping presses that do the job right. We use our knowledge and experience to create efficient, energy-saving designs that will benefit the customer in every way possible. We make it our job to improve our designs each day so that our customers can maximize their profits and save time and energy. Find out more about how we can help you on our website today!
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Our stamping presses are designed with your applications in mind. These unrivaled solutions are reinforced with outstanding features and we work hard to meet all of your needs. You can trust Phoenix Hydraulic Presses, Inc. to provide you with hassle-free solutions. Our quality assured solutions are affordable and versatile.
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When you need premium stamping presses fast, you look for the most qualified manufacturer. We have a large selection of presses that we offer to our customers. With a dedication to quality and fast delivery options, we can help you find the right solution to your problems fast! Find out more when you contact us today!
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Industry Information

Stamping Presses

A stamping press is a device that is designed and built to operate progressive stamping dies and other types of dies. Used to shape or cut metal, stamping presses have the ability to fulfill almost any metal forming or stamping need.

Stamping presses can be subdivided into two main types: mechanically driven presses and hydraulically driven presses. The most common mechanical presses use an eccentric drive to move the press's ram, whereas hydraulic cylinders are used in hydraulic presses. Hydraulic presses are advantageous because they allow for constant press force during the stroke. Mechanical stamping presses offer the advantage of being able to reach higher cycles in a shorter amount of time. Some of the many applications and industries that stamping presses are utilized in include: electronics, in order to make various housings for electrical devices; industrial manufacturing, in order to fabricate sheet metal into a wide range of machine components and parts; automotive, for use in the manufacturing of parts such as engine mounts, connectors, terminal lead frames; construction, in order to fabricate various household fixtures and safety features; and aerospace, for the manufacturing of diverse structural components as well as internal parts and hardware.  

A stamping press is comprised of a press frame, a bolster plate and a ram. The bolster plate, also known as a press bed, is a large, non-moving block of metal upon which the bottom portion of a die is clamped. Large presses, used in automotive applications, have a die cushion integrated in the bolster plate to apply blank holder forces. This process is necessary when a single acting press is used for deep drawing. The ram, also a solid piece of metal that is clamped to the top portion of a stamping die, provides the stroke. This action causes the die to produce parts from the metal being fed through it. Typically, the metal is being fed into the press by means of an automatic feeder. Hydraulic stamping presses are able to deliver a controlled force with tonnage ranging from 20 to 10,000 tons, with stroke lengths varying from as small as 10 mm to as large as 800 mm. Additional features of hydraulic stamping presses include adjustable stroke and speed as well as variable tonnage with overload protection. Hydraulic stamping presses are best-suited for the following applications: deep-drawing, low speed high tonnage blanking, compound die action (such as blanking with coining or forming) and force-type forming (instead of displacement-type forming).

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