Prefabricated Garages

Below is a list of Prefabricated Garages manufacturers from South Carolina.

Prefabricated garages are an efficient and cost-effective construction method to build a garage addition as a stand alone structure, or attached to an already existing building. For residential and smaller size prefabricated garages, kits are available from manufacturers. The garage kits come with everything required for the construction of the garage and are able to be constructed in a short amount of time by a person with little to no construction experience.

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Prefabricated Garages Companies Serving South Carolina

K-Con, Inc.
Charleston, SC
Since 1984, we have been building modular buildings, guardhouses, portable buildings, prefabricated steel buildings, pre-engineered buildings and modular building components. Our unique cost-effective design/build/engineering service team can take you from beginning to the finished installed product. Prefabricated Garages in South Carolina.
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