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Polyethylene Tubing Manufacturers and Companies

IQS Directory provides an extensive list of polyethylene tubing manufacturers and suppliers. Utilize our website to review and source polyethylene tubing manufactures with our easy-to-use features which allow you to locate polyethylene tubing companies that will design, engineer, and manufacturer polyethylene tubing for your exact specifications. Our request for quote forms make it easy to connect with leading polyethylene tubing manufacturers. View company profiles, website links, locations, phone number, product videos, customer reviews, product specific news articles and other production information. We are a leading manufacturer directory who will connect you with the right manufacturers whether you are looking for polyethylene plastic tubing, polyethylene irrigation tubing, or clear polyethylene tubing.

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Our polyethylene tubing utilizes Zelite and EVA materials for low density tubing and co-extruded tubing solutions. Our company is recognized for engineering high quality plastics for markets including food, laboratories, and those involving chemical processing. These lightweight polyethylene tubes adhere to all FDA requirements. If you ever need assistance in selecting the right products then our customer support team can work with you to find the most affordable units.
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Here at Polytec Plastics we create the strongest, most long-lasting polyethylene tubing products. We can generate all types of thermoplastics and we guarantee that our polyethylene tubing will meet your needs. We have a large selection of standard parts which consists of thousands of channels, tubes, moldings and more. We have been developing these solutions since 1973 and we have the experience to meet your specifications. Contact us today!
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We have nearly 30 years of experience in providing you with the most reliable polyethylene tubing products. We can handle tough material requirements as well as precision tolerances. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified and we strive to provide customers with the best service in the industry. We provide polyethylene solutions for America, Canada, Mexico and Europe. We also stock a wide variety of materials in our warehouse so we can quickly respond to any production requirements.
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GSH is a manufacturer of plastic, extruded, nylon, polycarbonate, and polyethylene tubing. We serve a variety of industries with our products, including automotive, consumer, electrical, and marine. We supply superior customer service, product knowledge, on-time delivery, and competitive pricing since 1986! With over 40,000 square feet of manufacturing space, we offer extruded plastic tubing, in-house tooling, etc.
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Polyethylene tubing, PVC tubing, square plastic tubing; we do all of these and more! Our research and development department works hard around the clock in order to ensure that our products remain on the leading edge of technological innovations at all times because we know our customers rely on only the most advanced products to keep their businesses moving smoothly. Visit us online to learn more today!
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Polyethylene Tubing

Polyethylene tubing products are hollow channels made of polyethylene plastic. Polyethylene is a durable, lightweight, flexible material that can be used for transporting liquids, gases and some granular or free-flowing solids between machinery, between supply trucks and storage containers and in many other applications. Polyethylene tubing, also known as poly tubing, is used in a very broad range of industrial, commercial and consumer products contexts.

Polyethylene is a versatile plastic and can be used to make tubing with walls as thin as soda bottles, or it can be used to make thick, break and crack-resistant tubing. It can be used in soda machines, municipal water systems, drainage systems, petrochemical processes and many more applications. The range of applications for which polyethylene tubing is used calls for an equally wide range of polyethylene varieties. The two main varieties are high and low-density polyethylene (HDPE and LDPE). High-density polyethylene is characterized by its thickness, strength and durability; it is used in the transportation of high-volumes of liquids or pressurized gasses. It is resistant to impact and can be corrosion-resistant. Low-density polyethylene is characterized by flexibility as opposed to HDPE's rigidity. LDPE is more suitable in applications in which the tubing is moved frequently or is attached to equipment that is mobile.

Polyethylene, like all varieties of thermoplastics, can be fabricated through any one of several thermoforming processes. The most common method of plastic tubing fabrication is plastic extrusion. Plastic extrusion is the process by which a stock of raw plastic materials is melted, forced through a die and turned into a usable plastic product. The extrusion process begins with a collection of stock (raw plastic material) in a hopper suspended above a conveyance channel. The stock is directed into the conveyance channel, within which a long, turning screw pressurizes and moves the stock as it turns. As the stock progresses through the channel, the turning of the screw causes friction, which heats the stock. By the time it reaches the die, the combination of the friction and heat from electric heating elements along the channel causes the stock to melt. The die, which is a tool used for shape a raw material, is in the case of plastic tubing a large plate with a hole and pin; the molten stock is forced through the hole and emerges on the other side of the die as a newly extruded plastic tube. Once shaped, the new tubing is allowed to cool and harden. It is then cut to length and prepared for shipment or additional processing.

Polyethylene Tubing
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